Remote communication and online conference have become "just needs", and online office welcomes the era of change

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2020 Beginning of the year , The outbreak of the epidemic makes online office suddenly popular . What is your impression of online office ? Telecommuting 、 Online meetings 、 Online punch in …… in fact , Continuous spread and normalization of COVID-19 , Make online office more and more needed by enterprises . Weekly report sending 、 Minutes of the meeting 、 Internal communication 、 Personnel matters 、 contract 、 The examination and approval …… Online office software also continues to expand new functions , Make corporate office more efficient and transparent .

11 month 17 Japan , Flying book was held in Shanghai “2021 Autumn flying Book future unlimited Conference ”. At the meeting , Flying Book officially released a new 5.0 edition , This version includes the brand logo、 Comprehensive upgrade of visual experience , And flying books 、 Flybook contract 、 Flying Book approval and other new products .

 Remote communication 、 Online conference “ Just need to ”, Online Office welcomes the era of change

“ I'll just ask ” Get through to all departments

The superior writes a weekly report to the subordinate every week 、 Create a platform for employees to speak and ask questions at any time …… stay 11 month 17 Day at the “2021 Autumn flying Book future unlimited Conference ” On , obtain AppCEO Don't take off flowers ( Alias ) Shared the cases of the company using online office software .

All the ideas came from an experiment by MIT professor Puntland . In the experiment , Through the customer service center of Bank of America 3000 Several employees of the same type of work 、 Customer service personnel in the same position shall wear sensors , Record and analyze the interaction patterns of different teams , A conclusion has been reached : If the organization can create as many opportunities for informal communication among team members as possible —— That is, as the saying goes “ bullshit ” The frequency of , Can improve team performance .

Take off flower Introduction , Compared with the system of many companies, subordinates write weekly reports to their superiors , Companies do the opposite , Let the superior write a weekly report to the subordinate . Online office software not only provides weekly report template , It also has the functions of disclosure of the whole company , Really let the superior and subordinate 、 Communication between departments .

Another case is , The company relies on online office software to create a company called “ I'll just ask ” Small documents . ad locum , Anyone in the company has any problems at work , You can easily go to this document @ A responsible colleague to answer . If you don't know who to circle , Circle the members of the general manager's office to solve the problem , problem 24 You must reply within hours .“ Such a simple little document , Solved the big problem of horizontal communication of the company .” Take off the flowers and confess .

Flying book online, personnel contract and other new products

Get two vivid cases of the company , Outline the tip of the iceberg for in-depth exploration of online office software . Compared with most people's impression of online clock in 、 Videoconferencing 、 Employee positioning , Online office is using more and more innovative functions , Help enterprises improve management efficiency , Serve long-term development .

As a flying Book born out of internal online office software , After the epidemic, it began to exert force outward , Tiktok has become one of the six major business segments in parallel with the flare. . At this flying Book future unlimited Conference , Flying Book officially released a new 5.0 edition , And release the flying book 、 Flybook contract 、 Flying Book approval and other new products .

How can these new products further expand the imagination of online office ?“ Face acquaintances are not familiar ” The problem of talent identification and selection has plagued managers all year round . Feishu personnel helps enterprises comprehensively summarize all and “ people ” Relevant information , The superior just 1 You can know the employee's performance in seconds 、 educational background 、 Work experience and other information , Make excellent employees easier to be found in the enterprise .

The flybook approval system can greatly save the approval time in the enterprise , It also allows managers to make more prudent decisions , At the same time, improve the efficiency and quality of business decision-making . Byte beating produces... Every day 12 Ten thousand approvals , After the application flight document is approved , Through to “ Second batch rate ” And other issues , The average approval time of byte runout has changed from 44 The hour dropped to 21 Hours .

Besides , Flybook also released the flybook contract at the same time 、 Flying book conference room and other products . The intelligent comparison function provided by the flybook contract can identify the inconsistencies in the contracts held by Party A and Party B . The integration scheme of flying book conference room integrating software and hardware , In the calendar with flying book 、 After the depth of video conference is opened , Help me save... Every day 40 More than 10000 minutes of meeting time .

Although the number of specific customers has not been disclosed , Dan Feishu CEO Xie Xin introduced , Since this year, the number of flying Book customers has increased significantly , The scope of the industry is also more expanded , Weilai, including new energy vehicles 、 Ideal 、 Xiao peng ; The vitality of new consumption 、 Wen he you ; Real estate rongchuang China 、 Xuhui group ; Wanda film and Television Group in the field of culture and media 、 obtain App; Anke innovation in advanced manufacturing 、 Horizon, etc .

 Remote communication 、 Online conference “ Just need to ”, Online Office welcomes the era of change

Normalization of epidemic situation and accelerated penetration of online office

Because of the constant expansion of imagination , Online office has not been popular since the explosion of home office “ be doomed ”, It's about growing users .

According to the second report recently released by China Internet Network Information Center 48 Time 《 Statistical report on Internet development in China 》, By 2021 year 6 month , The number of online office users in China has reached 3.81 Billion , a 2020 year 12 Monthly growth 3506 ten thousand , Accounting for the overall number of Internet users 37.7%.

Recently, data research company QuestMobile released 《2021 China Mobile Internet autumn Report 》 data display , Online office App With the continuous improvement of product maturity , Since this year, the scale of users has increased significantly , The number of monthly active users of office and business applications returns 6 Billion . In the post epidemic era , from “ Will options ” Return to “ optional ” after , Online office has not faded as quickly as some people expected , But with the continuous improvement of office interaction and communication efficiency , Let users gradually develop the habit of online office .

Especially under the background of normalization of epidemic situation , Remote communication 、 Online meetings have almost become “ Just need to ”, A change of office mode is quietly staged .

Under such changes , Except for rising stars like flying books , Ali's nail, which entered the game earlier 、 Tencent's enterprise wechat and Tencent Conference , Are constantly improving their functions , And achieve user growth .10 month 13 Japan , Nail announces that its users include enterprises 、 The number of various organizations, including schools, has exceeded 1900 ten thousand ;11 month 3 Japan , Tencent conference announced that its number of users is close to 2 Billion , Past year , Users attended more than 40 Billion .

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