Worried about his daughter's carelessness in making friends, his father was cheated by online shopping positioning software

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Yangtze Evening News ( The reporter Liu Liu ) Such scenes will appear in many film and television dramas , Install location software through your mobile phone , You can know each other's whereabouts . In recent days, , Yangzhou Jiangdu prosecutors filed a public prosecution against a case , In this case, the defendant took advantage of people's psychology of trying to pry into other people's privacy , Fictional positioning software for sale , And then commit fraud .

In the face of growing up more and more independent and rebellious daughter , Mr. Li is always worried . Inadvertently seeing the information in his daughter's mobile phone, he began to worry , Search online “ positioning system ”, Trying to keep track of her daughter . He saw a web page with “ Download the chat location system ” The words... , And chat with the website customer service to know , After downloading this chat location system , Not only can you see the location information of the mobile phone where the software is installed , It can even invade the mobile phone system , See the chat content in the mobile phone . After Mr. Li thought , It took 2000 Multivariate bought the software . However , Software login also requires an account and password , Mr. Li had to ask the other party's login account and password . The other side replied :“ Before 2000 Pluralism is the money of software , Now if you want the account password , I have to pay it again 2000 multivariate .” Listen to this , Mr. Li suddenly felt something wrong , Let the other party pay back , The other party turns his hand and pulls it black . After Mr. Li called the police for help , Police quickly locked the suspect Zhao , And arrest him .

In recent days, , Yangzhou Jiangdu District People's Procuratorate initiated a public prosecution . The court examined and found that , Zhao posted false mobile positioning advertisements on the Internet , Fiction can help others locate their mobile phones 、 Provide mobile location software for , Defraud others' property in total RMB 12 More than RMB ; Zhao knew that others had committed positioning fraud before , Still provide the collection QR code , Help others collect the total amount of fraud 13 More than RMB ; Zhao knew it was the proceeds of crime , Help others collect money through the collection QR code provided by others , Transfer funds , And charge a certain benefit fee . In total, help others collect the proceeds of crime 60 Ten thousand yuan or so . The court convicted him of fraud 、 The crime of concealing and concealing the crime shall be punished for several crimes , Decide to carry out a term of imprisonment 7 year , Fine RMB 30 Ten thousand yuan . The unrequited stolen money and illegal income shall be recovered according to law .( Text characters are not his real name )

source : Yangtze Evening News
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