Choosing appropriate topics and skillfully developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses -- writing skills for topic selection of middle school entrance examination

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The so-called selected topic composition refers to two or more composition topics or composition materials , Candidates according to their writing level and personal hobbies , Choose a composition topic to write . Formally, it can be one of two , It can also be one of three . The composition questions it provides , It is often a combination of different propositional forms , Yes “ Whole proposition composition + Semi proposition composition ”“ Whole proposition composition + Material composition ”“ Whole proposition composition + Topic composition ”“ Semi proposition composition + Material composition ““ Semi proposition composition + Topic composition ”“ Topic composition + Material composition ” Many other kinds .

 Choose the right topic , Skillfully develop strengths and avoid weaknesses —— Writing skills of topic selection composition in high school entrance examination

The advantage of selected topic composition is that candidates have a wider choice space , Writing ability is also more fully reflected ; The disadvantage is that it may make candidates hesitate between the two and make it difficult to choose , Increase the examinee's examination time . therefore , In the process of writing, candidates should see what style they are good at , Good at conceiving plots 、 People who portray characters can write novels ; Good at analyzing things 、 Those who have the ability of philosophical thinking can write argumentative papers ; Good at using multiple expressions . Usually the composition is full of literary talent, so you can write prose . in addition , It also depends on which style has sufficient materials . If there is a lack of material , Even if you are good at style , Can only give up . All in all , Choose what style , Give full consideration to , think thrice before acting , And after choosing a style , We must write according to the requirements of this style .

Playback of test questions

subject : Choose any composition .

(1) Tagore said :“ The world kisses me with pain , I want to pay back with a song .” In life , Cold wind and rain will attack from time to time , Often darken the color of our sky . But if we have the courage to change what can change , Show wisdom to change what should be changed , Take out the will to change what is difficult to change , Our sky will be colorful . Then we can smile and say , The world kisses me with pain , I return with a song !

Please use “ I changed my color ” Write a composition for the topic . When writing, complete the topic first , Then write the composition as required .( reminder : The horizontal line can be filled with “ difficult ”“ frustration ”“ character ”“ friendship ”……)

(2) The fragrant wine and eggs sent by the sick Lao Wang , It warmed Yang Jiang's suffering years ; Ah Chang bought it from the streets 《 And seas 》, Happy Lu Xun's childhood ; The traveller endured the hardships of the wind and frost journey , It conveys the expectations of the city and the countryside . Kindness is like the spring rain in March , Watering the flowers of life in the long river of years .

Please use “ The charm of kindness ” entitled , Write a composition .

requirement :① The content is specific , There's real feeling ;② Besides poetry , There is no limit to style ;③ No less than 500 word :④ Where real names are involved 、 School name 、 Place names , Use it all A、B、C Wait for English capital letters to replace ;⑤ No plagiarism .

 Choose the right topic , Skillfully develop strengths and avoid weaknesses —— Writing skills of topic selection composition in high school entrance examination

The model text shows

The charm of kindness

Kindness is like refreshing flower juice , Through the boundary between fingerprint and time .

Kindness is a concern when others are in danger , It's a helping hand when others fall . A kind heart is like the star of the East , Shining with the charm of warm things . But for me , The charm of kindness is the fragrance of roses everywhere .

The calendar is torn to the beginning of spring .

After a winter storm , The roses in the neighborhood didn't show up on time , At the beginning of spring, the bare branches made the whole town lifeless . Grandpa's roses didn't open , He sat on the bamboo stool rubbing his eyebrows , Keep your hands tight , Several beards flutter from time to time . the sun is three poles high , Rose or the future , Grandpa sighed , Went to the inner room .

After dinner time , Moonlight sprinkled on the branches . But like a spell from heaven , Not likable .“ children , Come and carry it on your back .” Grandpa handed me a basket of flower utensils , He carried a bag of flower fertilizer in his right hand .

We walked in the backyard of five families . Grandpa took out the smallest flower scissors , Quietly removed the cold branch , Knocked out the sawtooth green insects on the leaves , Grabbed a handful of fat , Tile around roses .

Once the original bony flower branches are trimmed , As if pregnant with hope, burning its brilliance in the moonlight . Although the calluses on Grandpa's hands are broken , But I still came home with a happy face , I have long forgotten that there are several pots of roses dying in my backyard .

The next morning , The roses in the neighborhood are all in bloom , The town regained its vitality . The neighbors asked me and grandpa to see .

The five families gathered next to a pot of blooming roses and pulled their homely , As if to eliminate the frightened fear .“ Uncle , Why didn't your rose move in ?”“ Um. ……” Grandpa faltered and couldn't speak .“ My rose hasn't opened yet .” I continued . Everyone seems to understand , Why can a night of spring rain make roses bloom , It turned out that grandpa was the spring rain of the night ! On that day , The neighbors gathered in my backyard , We pruned several dying roses together , Grandpa smiled like a surprise that night .

The third day of junior high school , My rose is in bloom . The brown stamens extend beyond the petals . Like drunk , Slightly curved , Into wine red . And several flower cores in the stamens , Like grandpa's beard , Rare but energetic , Shining brightly in the sun .

Grandpa's kindness lies in the rose fragrance , The fragrance fills everyone's heart , Diffuse into every charming rose in the town .

Maybe kindness is not just a concern , One hand , But a sincere desire to help others from everyone's heart . Have a good heart , Burst out of charm , Make people closer , Let every corner scatter refreshing rose fragrance .


The author chose the whole proposition composition “ The charm of kindness ”, It can be seen from the writing that the author's mind is delicate , Start with your familiar materials , This method of cutting into the topic from a small point makes this paper more specific and subtle in narration and description , So as to avoid the emptiness and boredom of the writing .

Material selection

This paper cleverly turns the big into the small , From the joy and reward brought by the kind grandfather for pruning the unopened rose branches for the neighbors, this paper skillfully shows the title “ The charm of kindness ”.


Start with the scenery with the brush strokes of prose , In chronological order , Describes grandpa pruning roses for others , The neighbors helped “ We ” The little thing of pruning roses , Show people the charm of kindness .


Avoid the exaggeration and modification of red tape , This leisurely narration makes the article look simple and natural , Restore the face of people in ordinary life , Appear authentic .

The theme

Small mutual assistance between people , Reflects the goodness of human nature , Reflecting the charm of kindness is an appeal , Can bring the enjoyment of the beauty of life , Is the most tender color in life .

 Choose the right topic , Skillfully develop strengths and avoid weaknesses —— Writing skills of topic selection composition in high school entrance examination