"Liu Yexi" burst into flames! Nike also wants to enter and make "skin" for virtual people

TechWeb 2021-11-25 19:05:59

The metauniverse is constantly attracting head players .

Following the layout of Internet manufacturers , Sports giants NIKE Also announced the march into the meta universe , Mainly research and develop clothing and shoes used in the network virtual world . Regarding this , An investor friend said to 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 The reporter said , Nike's entry means that this big factory has to do “ The skin ”.

And linked to the recent virtual idol “ Liu Yexi ” The explosion of , And there are many brands and technology companies “ Polite inquiry ”、 Understand its business value , The above investors believe that , The virtual human track may be the fastest landing in the metauniverse to c One of the commercial applications .

Nike, too “ play ” Meta universe

stay “Meta”( primary Facebook) After the first shot , Everything about the meta universe has become hot , Even let sports giants NIKE All excited .

In recent days, ,NIKE Filed with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office , Request in its entertainment services 、 Retail store , as well as “ Use in online and online virtual worlds ” In the virtual goods of , Use Nike's namesake logo 、logo and “just do it ” Advertising language .

NIKE Express , The virtual material designer it recruits , take “ Play a key role in redefining the digital world , Lead us into the virtual world ”. They will join the company's digital product designer team , Create virtual footwear and other products .

Facing this action , The first reaction of investors is , Nike is going to make... For virtual people “ The skin ” 了 .

In the opinion of the investor friend , With NIKE The strength of the , Designing shoes and other products for virtual people is not difficult .“ Before the concept of the meta universe was born ,1.0 The version of the virtual human is QQ Show , At that time, users charged money to buy yellow diamonds , Give your virtual characters beautiful skin . Empathy , Nike enters the meta universe , It's also to sell to the meta universe ‘ Fake shoes ’ Equal skin .”

“ This application market should be very profitable , Need to know , Once a consumer virtual idol appears , It does not rule out that some consumers pay directly for virtual people .” The above investor friend said .

In the game world , Reporters found , Tencent is proud of its consumer games —— Glory of Kings , Its revenue is by selling skin and equipment . Some consumers told reporters :“ A high-value 、 Beautiful shape 、 The special effects are cool 、 Skin with excellent hand feel , Almost all players like it .”

And in the glory of the king , The total price of the most expensive skin is 1 ten thousand 1 One thousand yuan , If there is a complete set, it is a local tyrant .“ So as Nike , This sports giant , Originally, in real life, there was a business of players frying shoes , If you copy it into the virtual world , That will be a huge consumer market .“ The investors said .

Emotional companionship plus functional virtual human , Or the final demand

Since Nike is going to sell in the virtual world “ shoes ”, Then its subsidiary subject —— What about virtual people ?

Yao Xiaofei, managing director of tmac venture capital, said in an interview with reporters , The giants laid out the track , In order to seize the innate advantage .“ As far as Liu Yexi, who was caught in the recent fire , It's nothing more than the character's novel character , And very human , She has her own identity 、 Attributes and ideas . But abroad , This kind of virtual idol has become more common , For example, Japanese virtual models imma, It not only has realistic facial expressions , And it will be in Ins Previous dispatch 、 Show photos . All in all , Like a real idol .”

Yao Xiaofei thinks , With the breakthrough of hardware and technology in the future , Virtual human will become more and more intelligent .“ It is no longer simple NPC, There will be more personalized services , Such as emotional companionship or functional services .”

Take emotional companionship as an example , Yao Xiaofei said , Microsoft's previous virtual human “ Microsoft Xiaobing ”,“ She can sing 、 dance , Even adjust its character according to your character , It focuses on emotional needs and company . But on the other hand , She's not a functional robot , Can't be a secretary 、 Alternative jobs such as assistants . therefore , The future development of virtual human is likely to be the integration of the two ”.

And in the interview , Yuan universe practitioner star computing cloud computer Zhao Xiangyang told reporters , In terms of virtual people , The related production cost is not high , The difficulty is the later operation and packaging .“ To build a virtual human , Mainly character modeling , Facial expression capture , And the grasp of body movements . If not later , The upfront cost is about 20、30 Ten thousand can solve .”

“ But the problem is that virtual people are not real people , There is no thought , If only beautiful appearance and appearance , There are no specific characters and characteristics , So in the complicated virtual human world , It's easy to be submerged .” Star computing cloud computer Zhao Xiangyang said .

In Zhao Xiangyang's opinion , In the future, what virtual human should do is to accompany .“ On the one hand, public idols will be born , On the other hand, virtual people with private blessings will also be loved . Now cell phones , Projectors can project virtual people , If we integrate voice interaction technology , Then this kind of company can be realized , There is an application market . ”

So far , About “ Liu Yexi ” Out of the loop , Has attracted the attention of capital . And this year , The giants are also in full swing .

Netease has 5 shots “ Virtual human ” company , Invested in virtual image technology companies Genies、“ Meta universe ” Social networking platform Imvu、 American live broadcasting company that creates virtual interactive concert Maestro、“ Microsoft Xiaobing ” parent company — Beijing HongMian Xiaobing Technology Co., Ltd. and Cishi culture .

among , The second world culture has helped diligeba create a virtual image “ Deli lengba ”、 Develop Huang Zitao's virtual image with Longtao entertainment “ Dosman ” etc. .

And iqiyi is also making efforts in variety shows , To launch the 《 The meta universe will sing 》 It provides both real scene and virtual world , Invite singers to witness the birth of Yuan universe singing .