Robin Hood was attacked by hackers, resulting in data leakage of 7 million users

TechWeb 2021-11-25 19:04:42

11 month 9 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , AOL Robinhood Markets Confirmed on Monday, US local time , In last week's hacker attack , about 700 ten thousand people ( About one third of its customers ) Your personal information has been leaked , And the hacker demanded a ransom .

Robinhood Issue a statement acknowledging , The hacker got about 500 E-mail addresses of 10000 people and about 200 Full name of 10000 people . For some customers , More personal data is exposed , Including about 310 The name of the person 、 Date of birth and zip code , And belong to about 10 Wider information about people .

Robinhood Express , The company believes that 11 month 3 The hacker attack on the th did not disclose the user's social security account 、 Bank account or debit card number , And no customers suffer economic losses . A spokesman for the company said , Although this is not a blackmail software attack , But hackers threaten to do something with the information they get . The spokesman declined to say whether the company paid hackers .

In Monday's after hours trading in New York ,Robinhood The share price has fallen 3%, To share 36.84 dollar . As of the close , Closing up 2.62%.

according to Robinhood Statement of , The hacker attack was carried out by calling a customer service representative , The intruder used this representative to gain access to the support system . The company has contained the invasion , Law enforcement was notified , And hired a security company Mandiant Investigate the invasion .

Mandiant Chief technology officer Charles · Shyamal Karmakar (Charles Carmakal) Express ,Robinhood“ A thorough investigation was conducted to assess the impact ”, His company expects hackers to continue to target other organizations for extortion in the coming months .

In another incident last year , near 2000 individual Robinhood The account was broken in a wave of hacker attacks , The customer's account was ransacked . Many people complain that no one can ask for help . From then on ,Robinhood Always trying to prove , For new investors , It's a reliable brokerage firm . Executives often repeat Robinhood Pursue “ Safety first ” Strategy .

The brokerage firm that helped popularize free trading is recruiting a lot of customer service staff ,2020 In, the size of the team increased 2 More than double . As part of the expansion , The company is in Arizona 、 Texas and Colorado opened offices . Last month, ,Robinhood It also launched a 24-hour telephone support service .