Ride Association: in October, Tesla China's wholesale sales exceeded 50000 vehicles again, with a year-on-year increase of 348%

TechWeb 2021-11-25 19:04:39

【TechWeb】11 month 9 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , In recent days, , Take the cib (CPCA) China's auto sales data released show that ,10 month , Tesla's wholesale sales in China have broken through again 5 Thousands of cars , achieve 54391 car , Year-on-year growth 348%, The month on month drop is about 3%.


Tesla is a leader in the field of electric vehicles , The United States remains the company's largest market , Of the company's revenue last year 48.2%, China is the company's second largest market , Of the company's revenue last year 21.1%.

at present , Tesla produces domestic products at its Shanghai Super factory Model 3 and Model Y. The cars produced by Tesla's Shanghai Super factory are not only supplied to the domestic market , It also supplies foreign markets .

This year, 7 End of month , Tesla says , Thanks to the strong demand in the US local market and the optimization of the global average cost , The company has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as a major automobile export center .

According to the data released by the Federation , This year, 10 month , Tesla China's export volume broke... For the first time 4 Thousands of cars , achieve 40666 car , Accounting for nearly of the total wholesale sales 80%, Set a new monthly record , This means that the company's sales volume in China is 13725 car . This year, 1-10 month , Tesla China's export volume has reached 15 Thousands of cars .

It is reported that , Tesla is expanding its influence in China . In addition to building a super factory in Shanghai, China , The company also built a Shanghai Super charging pile factory near the Shanghai Super factory , The factory opened this year 2 month 3 The project was officially completed and put into operation on the th , Planned annual production 1 Ten thousand charging posts .

This year, 10 month , Tesla has welcomed the Chinese mainland. 1000 A super charging station 、 A local data center , And opened a new large-scale delivery center in Shanghai .( Little fox )