Intel's ambition: for advanced technology and for the United States

TechWeb 2021-11-25 19:04:31

That year Intel Co founder Gordon · Moore said the famous Moore's law : The transistor density of the chip will increase every 2 In double . The semiconductor industry has developed roughly according to Moore's law for half a century , Logically, it can't last forever , But the chip industry has been working hard for Moore's law “ The lives ”.

Enterprises with the most advanced process technology , It will definitely encounter the bottleneck first . When Intel Under plan 2 It took more than... Years to complete 5 In the year , The industry thinks Moore's law is coming to an end .

After all , since 50 Years ago Intel Release the first on earth CPU 4004 since , Similar things have only happened a few times , And it used to be able to go back to Moore's law .

At first people thought Intel It's the limit of Technology , But TSMC and Samsung later caught up in the manufacturing process , as well as AMD Zen framework CPU And apple M1 The series is pressing , Let's see Moore's law “ Tenacious ”, Even more so Intel Under unprecedented pressure .

Some people make fun of : It was wrong to say that it squeezed toothpaste , I really can't squeeze out .


although Intel The latest release of 12 Generation core Alder Lake CPU, Showing strong competitiveness , However, the industry still believes that its manufacturing process lags behind TSMC and Samsung .

This year, 2 month , Take over IntelCEO The position of Patrick · Paul · Gersingh (Patrick Paul Gelsinger) Express :“ We made some mistakes .”“ Our role and long-term strategy in manufacturing have become a little confused . Now? , We are with a clear sense of urgency , Return to our long-term strategy .”

Gelsinger's goal is to 2025 Catch up with and surpass Samsung and TSMC , And the key to the plan is in the United States 、 Europe and Israel build a series of large chip manufacturing plants , The total construction cost will exceed 440 Billion dollars .

Kissinger said : “ The number of concrete trucks working for me now , More than anyone on earth . We're in Oregon 、 New Mexico 、 Arizona 、 Ireland and Israel have construction projects . We hope that by the end of this year , Build the next big Fab in the United States and Europe .”


Big investment is one of the main measures taken by Kissinger since he took office .

Before Intel It was announced that Intel Chip foundry service company (Intel Foundry Services, abbreviation IFS), The latter will be Amazon 、 Qualcomm and other customers carry out chip OEM .

In the mobile age , Apple 、 Qualcomm's pure chip designers are making a lot of money , But the recent chip shortage makes the chip foundry business more attractive . Earlier, TSMC announced a price increase 20%, and 11 month 8 Daily news , MediaTek's cell phone 4G The maximum amplitude of the chip is 15%,5G The chip rose by about 5%.

And Bernstein (Bernstein) Analyst Stacy ? Rasgon (Stacy Rasgon) Express “ They were careless , This is an industry that tells of change , It's like falling off a treadmill , It's hard to return to the previous position ”.

1990 year , In the world 37% Our semiconductor products are made in the United States , In the last year , This proportion drops to 12%. The US government hopes to change the status quo through the chip act , It includes 520 A billion dollar subsidy program , To subsidize companies that promise to produce chips in the United States , for example Intel.

Intel Ann, senior vice president of technology development · Kelleher (Ann Kelleher) Express ,Intel Will establish a base in the United States , In this way, the United States can be more self-sufficient .

Research Institute Capital Economics( Capital economy ) call , The global 92% Of 5nm The chips are made by TSMC , This makes the global chip supply more vulnerable to earthquakes 、 drought , And the situation in the Taiwan Strait 、 The impact of the Sino US trade war .

Kissinger said :“ The defence 、 intelligence 、 All aspects of government action are becoming more and more digital …… I don't think we want to rely on foreign technology to solve the key problems of national defense and national security .”


Intel In an ambitious script , It will be in 2025 Surpass your opponent in , Introduction “18A” process , Change the measurement unit of chip manufacturing process from “ nanometer ” Change to a smaller “ Egyptian ”. Kissinger said “ In the long run , We will become the world's largest chip design and manufacturer ”.

SIG Roland of (Rolland) Express :“ This is a difficult task , I don't think he can achieve this goal ”,“ But if you can really follow the route map , that Intel You can go back to the top flow , Keep pace with TSMC .”


PS: The most commonly used Moore's law now is “ Every time 1 Double it in a year and a half ”, It's actually made up of Intel front CEO David · House said .