Musk faces a sky high tax bill of $15 billion

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11 month 8 Daily news , As report goes , tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Face more than... In the coming months 150 A $100 million stock option tax bill , So no matter Twitter What was the result of the vote on , He may sell Tesla shares this year .

Musk is at Twitter Up to him 6270 Million fans said :“ Recently, many people think , Unrealized income is a means of tax avoidance , So I plan to sell my 10% Tesla stock .” He asked fans to vote on it .

This Tesla CEO call ,“ Respect the voting structure anyway .” The current results show that ,58% Fans support the sale of , also 42% My fans are against selling . It shows that musk should sell shares .

However , Whatever the outcome , Musk may need to sell millions of Tesla shares this quarter . The reason lies in , He is about to receive more than 150 A billion dollar tax bill .

As part of the compensation plan , musk 2012 Obtained Tesla options in . Because he didn't receive salary or cash bonus from the company , So his wealth comes from stock awards , And the rise in Tesla's share price .2012 The total award for the year is 2280 Thousands of stocks , The exercise price is... Per share 6.24 dollar . Tesla shares closed at 1222.09 dollar , It means that he has benefited from these stocks for nearly 280 Billion dollars .

The company also recently disclosed , Musk has used his shares for mortgages , So he should also repay the loan by selling shares .

Tesla said in its regulatory documents for the third quarter :“ If the share price of our common stock falls sharply , One or more banking institutions may force musk to sell Tesla common shares , To meet his loan obligations , Unless he satisfies by other means . Once this sale occurs , Will cause our common stock to fall further .”

The option will be available next year 8 Month due . But in order to exercise the option , Musk has to pay income tax . Because options are taxed according to employee income or compensation , Therefore, it will be levied according to the highest ordinary income level , namely 37% Plus 3.8% Net investment tax . Because these options were granted when he was a California taxpayer , And most of them were obtained at that time , So he has to pay California 13.3% The highest tax rate .

In total , Musk has to pay a total of taxes to the state and federal governments of the United States 54.1%, So at current prices , The total tax bill for this option is as high as 150 Billion dollars .

Musk has not confirmed the scale of the tax bill . But he tweeted :“ Explain , I didn't get a cash salary or bonus from anywhere , I only have stocks , So the only way I can pay my personal tax bill is to sell shares .”

because CEO We have a limited time window to sell shares , Musk may want to sell for at least 2 Quarterly , So analysts and tax experts expect musk to start from 2021 Tesla shares began to be sold in the fourth quarter of 2013 .

This year, musk 9 Of the month Code The meeting said :“ I have a lot of options that will expire early next year , therefore …… Many options will be sold in the fourth quarter —— Because I have to , Otherwise it will expire .”

Of course , Musk can also get more loans by mortgaging Tesla shares , The value of these stocks has now exceeded 2000 Billion dollars . But he has mortgaged 9200 Ten thousand shares . stay Code When asked at the conference about the mortgage of these volatile stock loans , He replied. :“ Stocks don't go up all the time , It will fall .”

except 2012 In addition to the annual salary package , Musk is still accumulating options .2018 year 3 month , Tesla's board of directors granted it an unprecedented “CEO Performance awards ”, It includes 1.013 100 million stock options ( according to 2020 Year of 1:5 Adjust the stock split plan ), Share in 12 Two stages of exercise .

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 Musk faces 150 A billion dollar tax bill

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