Analyst: Apple may adjust its iPhone privacy policy to enter the Internet advertising market

TechWeb 2021-10-14 09:18:05

Beijing time. 10 month 2 Sun morning news , As report goes , A capital market analyst at Royal Bank of Canada believes that , Apple has recently been on iPhone The privacy policy adjustment indicates that the company may enter Facebook And the Internet advertising market dominated by Google .

Since this year 4 Since the software upgrade in January , Most of the iPhone Both allow users to decide which applications can track user activities , And this information is just to help Facebook And other key data for enterprises to release accurate advertising and measure advertising effect .

This is called application tracking transparency (ATT) The function of has aroused the concern of many digital advertising and mobile game companies . for example ,Facebook I think this will lead to an increase in the cost of advertising on the brand's platform , More difficult .

“ We think ( Privacy change ) It shows that Apple may want to compete in the global advertising market .” Royal Bank of Canada capital markets analyst Brad · Erickson (Brad Erickson) In a research report released late Thursday, it said . He also gave Facebook、 Amazon and Google's parent company Alphabet“ Outperform the market ” The stock rating of .

according to Refinitiv The data of , The accuracy of Eriksson's performance forecasts and investment recommendations for Internet companies is 4 star .

“ Apple can use data privacy as a cover , At the same time, invest in the search algorithm behind the scenes .” He thinks Apple may earn advertising revenue through a search engine similar to Google .

If the advertiser “ Have no choice but to , Can only be blindly launched in the absence of Apple data ”, So Google's YouTube And Amazon's Connected TV Will be a new choice , benefit from .

Evercore ISI Analysts are also there 8 Month pointed out , Apple may be coveting the advertising market , He said :“ Suppress third-party advertising ” May make it a successful first step in the advertising market . But they also point out that ,ATT Mainly to protect user privacy , Not commercial means .

Apple 、Facebook and Alphabet None of them commented .