It's suitable to travel and have fun at home. National day shopping is elected realme GT Neo 2

TechWeb 2021-10-14 08:28:27

【TechWeb】 In the second half of the year and in the month of September, the mobile phone is new , If you have missed Jinjiu , Never let go of the silver ten . It's best to buy a mobile phone 「 Buy new, not old 」, Of course, choosing the right starting time is also very important , In this way, we can taste the latest trend design and innovative technology of manufacturers , You can also take advantage of the benefits you won't enjoy when you buy a machine during holidays .

As 2500 Yuan price segment is the most worthwhile new flagship ,9 It was released later this month realme True self GT Neo2 Have the strength to become the best choice for young users to buy machines during the National Day .

After all, the plane is already 9 month 27 Japan 0 The first sale of points has achieved good results , At the same time, it has also been tested by consumers , sale 1 100 million in seconds , And win the sales of new products on multiple platforms at one fell swoop & Double champion in sales , The sales volume on the first sale day exceeded 10 Wan Tai has won many favor ! The hot sale of the machine also represents this positioning 2500 The quality and price of the yuan market is higher than that of the flagship, with an ultra-high popularity aura .

Participate in the initial purchase and get realme True self GT Neo2 Most consumers who experience the real machine in person , This phone is also highly praised :“ Black Mint looks very trendy 、120Hz The high brush screen feels very comfortable , Xiao dragon 870 The chip performance is very good 、 Open when in use App And the game is fast , The cooling system of diamond ice core performs really well 、5000mAh Big battery +65W The fast charging combination makes the battery life charge correct .6400W High definition three shot photography is very clear .”

These advantages and selling points , It can also be everyone's national day, whether traveling or resting at home , Can enjoy the flagship function .

For example, when traveling , First, the built-in 5000mAh The large battery can provide ultra long endurance support , When you travel full of electricity early in the morning, you can enjoy taking travel photos at the same time , When I have lunch with my family and friends , Playing last 、 Two cases of eating chicken or pesticide , In the afternoon, there is still more than half of the power to ensure the continuous power use of the mobile phone .

Even if I forgot to charge the night before , coordination 65W Original charging head , Charging while playing games at noon , In the afternoon, the mobile phone can almost guarantee to have 80% The overall power consumption .

carrying “ Diamond ice core cooling system ” Of realme True self GT Neo2, It can make users feel that the mobile phone will not have any abnormal heating problems when they use it outdoors , Some people may think that the frequency of using mobile phones when traveling is not high , So even other brands of mobile phones will not have this problem .

but realme The starting point is to ensure the true self GT Neo2 Excellent heat dissipation in the whole scene , In the fuselage 17932.511mm² Maximum heat dissipation area , Match and customize 3D Stereographene , as well as 8 Layer full link heat dissipation structure , It can provide heat dissipation scheme without dead corner at any time .

This heat dissipation scheme is the absolute gospel function of young people in the National Day residence , Even if they use realme True self GT Neo2 Eat chicken pesticide Yuanshen all day , Don't worry about the risk of abnormal temperature on the mobile phone and being unable to play , In addition, equipped with Samsung E4 High end screen , And support the highest 600Hz Touch point reporting rate , Especially in hand travel, it can provide a touch experience like a fish in water .

Conclusion :

In order to let the majority of young people enjoy realme True self GT Neo2 This kind of 2500 Yuan gear excellent quality price ratio flagship mobile phone , feel “ The most stable main machine for playing games ” On endurance 、 Manipulation 、 Many advantages of game experience such as heat dissipation ,realme The official has taken great pains to arrange the service support of purchasing aircraft at any time offline .

And in order to cooperate with the upcoming National Day Golden Week , except realme True self GT Master version plus one yuan for super value purchase and true self GT In addition to the series of trade in activities , From now on to 10 month 7 Japan , Choose your true self GT Neo2 Add one yuan to get a gift Buds Q The headset , If you are in a domestic first and second tier city with particularly developed logistics , You can also choose to buy online and receive goods on the same day as soon as possible , And enjoy 12 Interest free period 、 Receive 1 Nian Huantai member + Half a year 2TB Cloud space and other value-added benefits !