New launch of QQ music and upgrading of hires high-resolution sound quality listening experience

TechWeb 2021-10-14 08:28:22

【TechWeb】10 month 2 Daily news , In recent days, ,QQ Music was officially launched HiRes Tone quality , Supported songs will be displayed under the song title HiRes Small gold standard , The user can turn on... In the setting options HiRes Tone quality , Enjoy hearing like the live performance of the original singer or performer , Bring the music experience of sound presence . It is reported that ,QQ Millions of songs in the music platform can support this sound quality .



according to the understanding of ,HiRes Its full name is High Resolution Audio( High resolution audio ), Means higher than CD The boundaries of sound quality 44.1kHz/16bit The sound quality of .CD and HiRes Audio is the audio obtained by digital sampling of the original analog audio source , Compared with CD Tone quality ,HiRes Audio digitization is more sophisticated , More data of the master band is retained . therefore ,HiRes The sound quality is clearer, finer and closer to the original sound information .

As everyone's pursuit of sound quality continues to improve ,“ Maximize sound quality ” It has gradually become the core appeal of public listening to songs .QQ Music is online this time HiRes Tone quality , On the one hand, it meets the needs of users for high-quality music , It further promotes the mature development of music streaming media services .