Faraday said in the future that the installation of plant equipment will be fully accelerated and delivered within one year

TechWeb 2021-10-14 08:28:19

Not long ago , Faraday's future (Faraday Future, abbreviation “FF”) It has been officially listed through merger , And plan for the future 12 Greatly expand the number of employees within three months to achieve mass production , Claim to be in 2022 Deliver the first model FF 91.

As report goes , Faraday's future (Faraday Future) Recently expressed , With FF Recently completed listing on NASDAQ ,FF The preparation for the installation of production equipment at Hanford factory has been fully accelerated .

at present , All resources for the construction and operation of Hanford factory have been in place , To achieve this year 7 After the merger and listing in June 12 Deliver within months FF 91 Production target ,FF We are fully promoting the construction and equipment installation preparation process of Hanford factory .

Although the outside world has not been optimistic about Jia Yueting and FF, But its first mass production car's scheduled performance seems to be pretty good .

According to the official news , The global set limit to 300 Taiwan FF 91“ Futurist alliance Edition ” stay 7 month 25 It's all sold out this morning , The priority reservation amount is 5 Ten thousand yuan .

According to a source , at present FF 91 The selling price in the United States is 28 Thousands of dollars , The selling price in China is about 280 Ten thousand yuan .

It is worth noting that ,8 month 30 Japan ,Faraday Future( abbreviation FF) To the sec (SEC) File display for , BNP Paribas energy transformation fund represents BNP Paribas Asset Management Company to FF investment 4000 Thousands of dollars ( about 2.5 RMB 100 million ).

Recently, the frequent layout has also made Jia Yueting and FF It is also a great increase in confidence , Jia Yueting once said publicly : This is a new starting point , Let's go all out next 12 I'll deliver the car in six months , And we have to realize S Maybach 、 ferrari 、 The subversion of Bentley and other traditional super luxury brands .