Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer supported by Amazon, submitted an IPO application in the United States

TechWeb 2021-10-14 08:28:16

Beijing time. 10 month 2 Morning news , Electric vehicle manufacturers Rivian Automotive Submitted in the United States on Friday IPO( IPO ) apply , Plans to go public on NASDAQ , The code is “RIVN”.Rivian Develop electric cars for Amazon , Including commercial delivery vans .

The prospectus shows ,2021 Years ago 6 Months ,Rivian The revenue is zero , A net loss 9.94 Billion dollars .2020 year , The company's net loss is 10.2 Billion dollars .

Rivian In the prospectus :“ We are a developing company , So far, no substantial income has been obtained . The production and delivery of vehicles starts from 2021 year 9 In the beginning .”Rivian Grab Tesla 、 Before GM and Ford , Launched an electric pickup truck R1T, And received preliminary praise .IPO The document also shows , The company plans on 12 This month we launched a new one called R1S Seven seats SUV models .

Rivian Of CEO RJ· Scarlinger (RJ Scaringe) He has a doctorate from Sloan automotive Laboratory of MIT , And in 2009 Founded in Rivian. The company is headquartered in Elvin, California , By 6 At the end of the month 6274 Employees .Rivian There is also a car assembly plant in nomore, Illinois .

Amazon and Ford hold more than... Of the company, respectively 5% shares . Peter, Amazon's senior vice president for global enterprise and business development · Krawiec (Peter Krawiec) yes Rivian Members of the board of directors of .

For the foreseeable future ,Rivian Our commercial vehicle business will be highly dependent on Amazon . The company said , Amazon is at least 4 Owned during the year from Rivian Certain exclusive rights to purchase electric delivery vehicles , Then it will have priority procurement . But in some cases , Both parties can withdraw from the cooperation . especially , If Amazon does not purchase in two consecutive calendar years, at least 1 Thousands of cars ,Rivian May withdraw from the cooperation , And ask Amazon to compensate a certain cost .

Rivian Currently making... For Amazon 3 Electric cars of different sizes , The cargo space is 500、700 and 900 Cubic feet . Two smaller models are planned for this year 12 The month and 2022 Launched early this year , The larger one has not yet set a release date .

Similar to Tesla ,Rivian At present, no trade union has been established inside .IPO According to documents , This situation may change , This in turn affects labor costs .

Rivian Also following Tesla's vertical integration strategy . It means , The company will sell electric vehicles directly to customers , Not through the dealer network . The company will provide its own vehicle service and maintenance , And is investing in a charging station network , For car owners .

IPO The document also shows ,Rivian Currently in California 、 Illinois 、 Washington and New York have 6 A service center , as well as 11 A mobile service vehicle provides on-site maintenance services .Rivian It has been determined that 20 Build a new service center in one place .

Rivian Our target users are outdoor sports and leisure lovers , Therefore, we are investing in remote areas 、 Leave the charging station on the main road .IPO According to documents , The company has 7 States have identified 24 individual “Rivian Adventure network ” DC fast charging station , And in 30 States have identified 145 individual “Rivian Road point ” Charging station .