EU report: open source can promote economic growth and digital autonomy

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The European Union issued a report called “ Technical independence of open source software and hardware to the EU economy 、 The impact of competitiveness and innovation ” The report , To investigate the economic impact of open source software and hardware on the EU economy .

The report is as long as 390 page , In detail " The great value and potential of open source ". And put forward a series of suggestions to strengthen open source in this region , It also introduces in detail how open source software and operating system provide control over technology 、 Reduce reliance on specific know-how and software vendors , And its licenses have proved to be able to resist international trade conflicts .

The aim is to investigate and quantify open source software (OSS) And open source hardware (OSH) The economic impact on the European economy . Also identified relevant ICT The advantage of open source in the policy 、 Inferiority 、 Opportunities and challenges , For example, network security 、 Artificial intelligence (AI)、 European Industrial digitization 、 Connected cars 、 High performance computing 、 big data 、 Distributed ledger technology, etc .

The main breakthrough is to identify open source as a public product (public good). This shows the past closed and open source Paradigm changes between irreconcilable differences , And point to a new era of building digital services using open source assets . This information is crucial to the formulation of policy actions in this area .

According to the report , EU companies are 2018 In, the investment in open source software was about 10 Billions of euros , It has had a... Impact on the European economy 650 to 950 The positive impact of billion euros . Individual contributors have at least 26 ten thousand , Occupy 2018 In, the European Union computer programming department was nearly 310 Million employees 8%.

The conclusion of the study is , The impact of open source software libraries on the European Union GDP A great contribution . The average Increased contribution to open source software code 10%, The European Union GDP There will be additional growth every year  0.4%-0.6% The extra benefits of ; meanwhile , There will be new... Every year 600 A number of ICT  Start-up company . By purchasing open source software instead of proprietary software , The public sector can not only reduce total costs , It can also reduce or prevent being locked by suppliers , Improve their digital autonomy . in general , The benefits of open source have far exceeded the corresponding costs . These benefits are mainly related to openness ( Including standards and independence ) And saving labor costs , Not just increasing income .

Notice Pointed out that , As open source is more and more used in digital technology . In the past decade ,OSS It has become the mainstream trend in all departments of the software industry ; contrary , OSH The current maturity seems to be much lower . However, the EU believes that , The business ecology of open source hardware is developing rapidly . If OSH Follow OSS The same development , It may constitute the future Internet of things (IoT)、 The future of computing and the digital transformation of European industry at the end of the digital decade .

The report recommends that the EU implement a special open source industrial policy , And integrate it into its main policy framework , Such as the European Green agreement and the artificial intelligence act . It is also suggested to establish a government department dedicated to accelerating the use of open technology ( Open source project office ,OSPO), Provide a lot of money for open source support mechanisms and projects .

External media evaluation call , The study puts forward many specific public policy suggestions , The public sector aimed at digital autonomy 、 Open research and innovation for European growth 、 And digital and internally competitive industries . In the long run , The results of this study can be used to strengthen the open source dimension in the future software and hardware policy development of the EU industry .

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