Intel may provide in chip purchase function

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Mailing list, Show , Intel has submitted a patch with the additional function of activating the chip .

There has been a rumor that , Intel will provide more optional features for a given processor when upgrading , For example, without buying a new processor , If you buy a license or upgrade , Intel chips will allow additional hardware features to be activated . Ten years ago , Intel briefly tried this strategy in the consumer field , But it never appeared in Linux platform . This submission is the first in Linux The platform provides patches for this function .

According to the email description ,SDSi It's a post manufacturing mechanism , Used to activate additional chip functions , These features are enabled through the license activation process , Include :

  • Provide authentication key certificate (AKC), This is a write internal NVRAM The key of , The active payload used to verify a specific function
  • Provide Capability Activation Payload(CAP), This is a use of AKC Authenticated token , And applied to CPU Configure to activate a new feature
  • Read SDSi Status certificate , contain CPU Configuration status

at present , The patch is just about authentication and processing SDSi Handle , No license yet / Paid upgrade function , And still under review . Besides , summary SDSi The documentation of the operating system interface of is now exposed in GitHub Warehouse in .

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