Libreoffice merge supports the initial code of QT6 VCL

Programming China News 2021-10-14 03:02:59

LibreOffice Support  Qt6 VCL The initial code of the plug-in has been Merge .

LibreOffice Support multiple Visual Class Library (VCL) plug-in unit , For from Windows and macOS Quartz Back end of user interface to GTK and Qt5 Different toolkits on the back end , And more for supporting different user interface implementations according to the platform . And this submission is Qt6 VCL plug-in unit , Has been merged into the main line , And enabled the new "--enable-qt6" Build options .

It is reported that , The Qt6 VCL Testing of plug-ins is quite limited , Targeted only Qt6 The current development branch of the upstream code is tested . Besides ,QX11Extras Has gone from Qt 6 Remove , also XCB_ICCCM Only in Qt5 Used in to fix related bug. Before today's merger , The author is also right Qt5 VCL The code has been cleaned up and refactored , To enhance its reusability .

More details , You can see the Patch .

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