Next year's Great Wall car will upgrade its new electrical architecture. Engineer: geep 4.0 has only three intelligent areas

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As an important force of domestic auto enterprises , Great Wall has its own pure electric and hybrid technology , We are also actively integrating the electrical architecture of the vehicle . Great Wall Motors has launched a new generation of electronic and electrical architecture GEEP 4.0 use SOA( Service Oriented Architecture ) idea , Will be all over the car ECU Chipsets become central computing 、 Intelligent driving 、 Three computing platforms in the intelligent cockpit , And open standards API Interface . This design will implement software and hardware 「 Fully growable 」, Help smart travel .

9 month 28 Japan , At Great Wall Motors coffee shop 2.0 Technology sharing Salon , The company introduced us to a new GEEP 4.0 Design idea of electronic and electrical architecture .

「 be based on SOA Design , Our new architecture enables the whole vehicle to realize the iterative upgrading of functions in the whole life cycle : Users can dynamically subscribe and upgrade the service functions of various components of the vehicle according to their needs and preferences , There is no need to wait for the overall software upgrade batch ,」 Great Wall motor EE Xing Xiuhong, director of architecture technology, said .

With the rapid development of automobile intelligence , Car interior ECU The number is expanding , Traditional distributed architecture is difficult to carry more requirements , The difficulty of system software function development increases 、 Growth cycle , It is difficult to meet the rapidly growing needs of users . Regarding this , Great Wall Motors in 2020 It was proposed to cover body control 、 Power chassis 、 Smart cockpit 、 Intelligent driving 4 Of domain controllers GEEP 3.0 Electronic and electrical architecture , At present, it has been applied to all models of Great Wall Motors .

The third generation architecture has reached the current mainstream level in the industry , Including power / Chassis area 、 Body domain 、 Smart cockpit 、 Four fields of intelligent driving . In the fourth generation architecture, central computing 、 Intelligent driving 、 The intelligent cockpit consists of three areas .

The next generation will launch GEEP 4.0 The whole vehicle is soft 、 The product of highly integrated hardware , Based on central computing and regional control , Its architecture idea includes software layered infrastructure platform , Provide modular standard service interface and building block assembly and disassembly assembly , Decoupling software platform , It can improve the scalability of software reusability 、 Flexible fit with the model .

Today's cars are upgrading from mechanical products to intelligent products , This brings challenges to the design of electrical system .「 In a few years ago , In a car ECU There are only a dozen components , But now this number has already exceeded 100. As the functionality iterates ,ECU The number will continue to increase . The change and addition of functions will involve many ECU, In the process of change , We want to cooperate with manufacturers , Joint commissioning is required after the change , This faces a long cycle and increasing costs .」 Xing Xiuhong said .

Regarding this , In recent years, Great Wall Motors has begun to centralize 、 Hard and soft separation 、 Centralization 、 Technical update of car cloud collaboration .2022 The fourth generation architecture to be launched in will conform to the important development direction of the industry : Central domain and central computing .

The specific term ,GEEP 3.0 Initial planning reduced 14 individual ECU,4.0 stay 3.0 On the basis of this, the number of 6 individual ECU, This does not include the... Of each domain ECU Integrate .

In the latest architecture platform of Great Wall Motors , Body domain 、 Power chassis area 、 Both the intelligent cockpit domain and the intelligent driving domain have implemented dozens of standardized service interfaces , Such as navigation 、 High precision map 、 entertainment 、 Inside and outside cameras 、 Music playing 、 Face recognition and other software systems , They can all be connected to external applications , Realize independent function expansion .

The fourth generation architecture introduced yesterday GEEP4 It is mainly composed of intelligent cockpit 、 Intelligent driving 、 Central computing consists of three domains . The domain controller will the surrounding ECU、 Power Supply 、 The controller is integrated .

To ensure driving safety , The fourth generation architecture realizes functional security 、SOTIF、 Network security and other multi-dimensional security . The whole vehicle development complies with ISO26262 Process system standards , In line with the latest ISO21448 system , Set multiple redundancy mechanisms in key components , It improves users' confidence in intelligent driving .

In the use of GEEP 4.0 When upgrading the system of your car , Can support FOTA、OTA、DOTA Methods such as . If you want to upgrade to a larger version , Just on the phone APP Give instructions on , The vehicle can be upgraded automatically . The fourth generation architecture can also improve the after-sales experience , Diagnose the knowledge base through big data , Intelligent identification 、 Analyze vehicle problems , Carry out remote diagnosis and maintenance .

Hardware design , The Great Wall has also been greatly upgraded . Great Wall is the company that studied the central computing platform earlier , Its next-generation electronic and electrical architecture has central computing 、 Intelligent cockpit and advanced autopilot three computing platforms , among , Central computing integrates data across domains 、 gateway 、 Air conditioner 、 power / Chassis control and ADAS function , Lord SOC The power of calculation reaches 30KDMIPS, It can effectively ensure the control and response of vehicle engine system .

meanwhile , The central computing unit also has mature vision processing chip solutions ,18 road CAN FD、4 road LIN as well as 11 Road vehicle Ethernet , Support 64GB Storage and 1GB Memory . It can meet the requirements of computing power and communication for the functional integration of vehicle engine system in the future .

Great Wall said , New architecture for the future, such as steering by wire ,Level 4 Automatic driving and other upgrades provide the basis .

meanwhile , Great Wall is still studying the fifth generation architecture GEEP5.0, According to the plan , It will really realize a brain , Multi domain architecture 100%SOA turn , Integrate the car into one 「 Intelligent robot 」.

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