Ferrari's first electric car was built by Jony ive, former chief designer of apple

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Ferrari said , My first electric car will be 「 Milestone in brand history 」.

Ferrari's electric car will follow the style of Technology ? Before this week, we didn't believe .

The latest news is : By Jonathan, Apple's former Chief Design Officer · Ivy (Jonathan Ive) With industrial designer mark · New son (Marc Newson) Leading design company LoveFrom Is working with Ferrari to build the first electric car of this luxury carmaker .

Ferrari parent company Exor Announced on Monday with LoveFrom Established a long-term partnership .

The announcement read :「 This new partnership will combine Ferrari's legendary performance with LoveFrom Extraordinary 、 Product design experience that changes the world is combined with creativity . In addition to the cooperation with Ferrari ,LoveFrom Will also work with Exor Explore a range of creative projects in the luxury industry .」

Exor It is a holding company controlled by the Italian Agnelli family , The family also holds Stellantis Automobile Group ( Including Chrysler 、 Fiat 、 Peugeot and Citroen ) And the Italian football team Juventus .

In the official press , The two sides did not disclose the specific cooperation content . But according to the UK 《 The financial times 》 reports , The company will cooperate with Ferrari to develop a series of cars , Including its first electric car , The plan will be in 2025 Released in .

As a famous sports car brand , Ferrari's electric car plan comes later than its competitors . According to Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri That's what I'm saying , company 「 Pure electric is being studied GT models ( That is, large luxury sports cars ), But at present, the focus is still on hybrid vehicles .」

According to the plan , Ferrari launched its first hybrid car early last year SF90 Stradale. To 2022 year , Ferrari expects that 60% of its products will be hybrid . The launch time of pure electric vehicles , According to this year 4 The saying of the month is in 2025 Years later .Camilleri Think , The current battery technology has not reached the due performance level ,「 There are still major problems in autonomy and charging speed 」.

Ferrari's first hybrid model SF90 Stradale.

Morgan Stanley, an American investment bank, estimates that , Ferrari's launch of electric vehicles may push the company's share price up to 350 dollar , The current share price of the company is 209 dollar .

In the science and technology circle , Jonathan · Ivy's name is unknown , He became famous when he was young ,1992 After joining apple in, I worked in this company 27 years . Avi has led the design of a series of well-known products at Apple , Include Mac、iPhone、iPad and iPod.

Jonathan · Avi's importance to apple is to control the design trend as a whole , from 90 Translucent plastic shell of the s , By the beginning of this century, pure white style , Until then 2003 Silver gray aluminum alloy material and 5 Years later, Unibody process , And from iOS 7 The flat style .

Jobs took it out of an envelope paper bag MacBook Air The picture has become a classic . To reduce the weight of the laptop , Ivy designed an integrated fuselage , A whole aluminum plate is hollowed out with a CNC milling machine to form the main structure .

Shortly after jobs died , Apple announced that avi is responsible for all product software + Hardware design , This was Jobs's job at first .

After leaving the apple , Jonathan · Ivy announced with another famous designer mark · Newson co founded LoveFrom, The company's first customer was Apple . To say the design style of these two people , Maybe as few lines as possible , A high degree of minimalism .

mark · Newson and Jonathan · Ivy .

Because of jobs' keen foresight and uncompromising attitude towards Aesthetics , Every time Apple's products are released, they exceed people's expectations , Jonathan · Ivy also contributed to being the leader of the design team .

We can expect Ferrari's new car to have a more futuristic design .

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