71 strong teams at home and abroad competed for glaucoma AI, and the voxel technology team won the first place in the task of cup and plate division

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MICCAI(Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) Began in 1998 Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Intended to explore medical imaging 、 The value of computer-aided intervention and the integration of the two .20 Over years of development ,MICCAI It has become the top academic conference in the medical image analysis industry .

Seminar on ophthalmic image analysis organized by Baidu OMIA (Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis) It is one of the key seminars in the field of ophthalmic imaging , So far, it has held eight .2021MICCAI above ,OMIA Focus on glaucoma , Held GAMMA challenge round , Glaucoma artificial intelligence algorithm converging all over the world , Total at home and abroad 71 The branch competes here .

The participants in this competition will be against 300 In pairs 3D The fundus oculi OCT Volume data and 2D Fundus color photo data processing , It includes three sub tasks :1) Glaucoma grade ;2) Macular fovea localization ;3) Optic cup & Optic disc segmentation . In short , Each subtask corresponds to a measurement task AI The key to good and bad .

In this world-class contest , Medical artificial intelligence enterprise voxel technology medical imaging team is established jointly with the imaging Institute of the Department of electronics of Shanghai Jiaotong University Voxelcloud Team Strong , from 71 Stand out from the support brigade , Take the 2 Excellent results of famous , And looking at the cup & The sub task of optic disc segmentation ranked No 1.

chart :GAMMA The final ranking of the challenge

According to the voxel technology team , The reason why we can win the first prize in the competition , Because the model used in the competition gathers a variety of advanced algorithm technologies in the industry , And fully customized by the team .

For the macular localization task , The team adopted the latest in the industry TransUNet[3], And combine U2-Net Some modules segment and locate the macular region . For cup and plate segmentation task , The team came up with a two-stage segmentation strategy : First, make a rough positioning of the cup and plate area , Then, the cup and disc fine segmentation is further performed on the located optic disc area image block .

Besides , The team adopted TransUNet And other advanced network architectures for rough cup and plate area segmentation and positioning , And introduced Polar Transformation[1] To enhance the expression ability of image features . In the fine segmentation stage , The team adopted the latest algorithm framework , Include Segtran[4],TransUnet[3] and CE-Net[2] To split the cup and plate , The average voting method is used to integrate the prediction results of different models to improve the segmentation accuracy .

chart : Stage 1 Rough disc segmentation process

chart : Stage 2 Fine cup and plate segmentation process

Optic cup & Accurate segmentation of optic disc is very important for the evaluation of glaucoma , In clinical practice , Vertical cup to plate ratio (CDR) The bigger it is , The higher the risk of glaucoma . In particular , The optic disc is the part of the retina where the visual fibers converge and pass out of the eye , It's the beginning of the optic nerve . When the optic disc bleeds 、 The rim becomes thinner 、 Vascular knee flexion 、 When the cup plate ratio is enlarged , Glaucoma lesions are likely to occur . therefore , The excellent results of the team in this link lay a good foundation for glaucoma classification and subsequent diagnosis .

Glaucoma is the second blinding eye disease in the world , According to the WHO forecast ,2020 The global primary glaucoma will reach 7964 10, , among 11.2% Our patients will be blind , The total number of primary glaucoma patients in China will reach 2182 10, , Of the world 27.4%. From the data, we can see AI The value of .

Under the massive demand , Voxel technology will continue to study glaucoma AI Auxiliary analysis tools , Help more patients achieve early screening and early treatment of glaucoma , Strangle the hidden dark moments in the cradle .


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