Lighting up the "light of China" excellent and necessary robot with AI officially appeared in the China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo

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10 month 1 Japan , 2020 The Dubai World Expo opened grandly . This is the first novel coronavirus pneumonia in World Expo , It is also the first World Expo held in the Middle East . The theme of the Dubai World Expo is “ Communicating ideas , Create the future ”, It aims to pool the strength of the international community 、 Promote global cooperation 、 Create a better future , share 192 Countries participated , It is expected to attract 2500 Million visitors visited .

chart 1: China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo

China Pavilion is one of the largest pavilions in Dubai World Expo , The theme is “ Building a community of shared future for mankind —— Innovation and opportunity ”, Closely following the theme of the Dubai World Expo , Integrate innovation and opportunity 、 Communication and cooperation 、 Global focus on development and sustainability , manifest “ the Belt and Road ” The initiative brings development opportunities and cooperation potential to countries along the route , It fully reflects the promotion of common global development 、 China's proposition of building a community with a shared future for mankind .

Optimal choice Panda robot youyou and large humanoid service robot independently developed by science and technology Walker X Also officially unveiled at the China Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo , Show the world the latest achievements of China's intelligent manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation , Help with innovation and technology “ the Belt and Road ” High quality development .

Innovative technology helps China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo

2020 The Chinese Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo is named “ Chinese light ”, It means hope and light . Architectural compliance of China Pavilion “ chinese and western 、 It's mainly in China 、 Ancient and modern blend ” Design principles , Skillfully combine Chinese elements with modern science and Technology , Demonstrate the confidence of Chinese culture and the style of a big country .

chart 2: Panda robot youyou takes a souvenir in front of the China Pavilion

The architectural appearance takes the shape of Chinese traditional lanterns , In the eyes of Chinese people , Lanterns represent light and reunion , It symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness , It means that countries all over the world gather and communicate on the platform of the World Expo 、 Jointly build a community of common destiny and a happy family for mankind . China Pavilion “ A common dream ”、“ Common earth ”、“ Common home ”、“ Common future ”4 A hierarchical , It shows China's space exploration 、 information technology 、 Modern transportation 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Development achievements in Smart Life .

As 2020 China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo “ The only official intelligent robot partner ”, Optimal choice Panda robot youyouhe Walker X Provide intelligent services in multiple scenes in the China Pavilion .

chart 3: Panda robot youyou is in the panda ecological long volume exhibition area of China Pavilion

As the China Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo “ Messenger of peace and friendship ”, Panda robot youyou is based on the image of giant panda , stay Walker X On the basis of , Customized for China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo , It is the perfect integration of soft power with Chinese characteristics and cutting-edge original hard technology . In the smart ecology sub exhibition area of China Pavilion , It is introducing the Chinese Panda Ecological scroll to the audience 、 Smart agriculture and other exhibitions , Let the audience understand the green development concept that China has always advocated .

chart 4: Audience and panda robot youyoubixin take a group photo

Panda robot youyou is also a super popular exhibition item of China Pavilion , Have 41 individual “ The joints ” Yes, it can play Tai Chi , Performing national style calligraphy and painting skills , The charming image attracted guests to interact with it one after another , Take out your mobile phone to take photos and videos .

chart 5: Larry, general representative of Singapore Pavilion government, shook hands with panda robot youyou

Larry, general representative of the Singapore Pavilion government, said , Not long ago , Jiajia, a giant panda in Luxin, gets a baby panda , Caused a sensation in Singapore , Today, I saw the panda robot youyou performance in the China Pavilion , I feel very kind . The China Pavilion combines the cultural symbol of giant panda with high technology , Panda robot on display 、 Panda long film , have great originality .

chart 6:Walker X Make a guided introduction in the exploration and discovery exhibition area of China Pavilion

In the exploration and discovery exhibition area of China Pavilion , “ Tiangong ” The space station 、“ Chang 'e no. 5 ”、“ Tianwen 1 ”、“ Beidou ” China's highest scientific and technological achievements such as satellite network attract people's attention , “ Intelligent tour guide ”Walker X Here, we warmly introduce China's unremitting exploration of the universe from ancient times to the present , And actively make use of scientific and technological achievements to benefit the world , Present the dream and action of exploring and discovering the vast starry sky . Italy 、 Saudi Arabia 、 The general representatives of the governments of Panama and other countries lingered in the China Pavilion , Perjaro, curator of the Dominican Pavilion, affirmed China's achievements in space exploration , It is hoped that China will actively share its experience in scientific and technological development with other countries .

Panda robot youyouhe Walker X Both robots are powered by Optimal choice Independent research and development of science and technology , Through comprehensive application of compliance force control 、 Whole body exercise planning 、 Visual perception 、 Full link voice interaction, etc Artificial intelligence technology , They provide intelligent services for global audiences in the China Pavilion , On behalf of China's original cutting-edge technology to the world AI.

Convey China to the world AI, Help build a community of shared future for mankind

Today's world is in a special historical period , stay “ A great change that hasn't happened in a hundred years ” Next , Facing novel coronavirus pneumonia 、 Economic recovery 、 The challenge of global governance brought about by climate change , In particular, we need to adhere to win-win cooperation 、 Value concept of common development . China has made its own voice based on the historical law of human development and the trend of human civilization , Advocating the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind , Committed to becoming a contributor to global development .

2020 COVID-19 outbreak , Optimal choice Many kinds of epidemic prevention robots of science and technology work in China 、 The United States 、 Japan 、 South Korea 、 Switzerland 、 Netherlands 、 Rwanda and other global 15 Countries and regions 9 High risk scenario , Help global epidemic prevention and control and restore production and living order .

chart 7: Optimal choice Consultation temperature measuring robot Cruzr( Cruze ) Post Rwanda

2020 year 5 month , Due to outstanding anti epidemic performance , Optimal choice Consultation temperature measuring robot Cruzr( Cruze ) Highly recommended by the United Nations Development Programme , As an anti epidemic assistant, he worked in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda Gatenga and Kanyinya Two medical centers , Then he went to Kigali International Airport , Help the airport close 4 Reopen in two months .

chart 8: Optimal choice Ultraviolet disinfection robot ADIBOT( Inspector Jing ) Delaware school

2021 year , Optimal choice Ultraviolet disinfection robot ADIBOT( Inspector Jing ) One after another landed in Delaware schools , New crown designated hospital in Japan 、 Eindhoven, Netherlands 24U Commercial Service Center office building 、 Hospital of South University of science and technology, Shenzhen, China 、 Shenzhen centralized isolation observation Hotel —— Xicheng Hotel and other places , Provide killing services worldwide .

Countries around the world have Artificial intelligence Rise to national strategy ,AI change , Talent first . Optimal choice Technology pass “ Hardware + Software + Content + service ” Complete education ecology , Help the world 6 More than 40 Carried out in multiple countries Artificial intelligence education , Including Korea 、 Singapore 、 Thailand 、 Malaysia 、 Vietnam one belt, one road country , In China 3000 Provided by multiple schools Artificial intelligence And robot education , It is the largest integration of software and hardware in the world Artificial intelligence And robot education solution provider .

future , Optimal choice Science and technology will be based in China , Serve the world , Continue to take intelligent robot as the carrier , Artificial intelligence Technology is the core , With “ Hardware + Software + Content + service ” Full stack solutions and products , Deep education 、 Health care 、 Logistics and other vertical scenarios , Serve to solve major social problems and meet major social needs , Serve the world with Chinese original scientific and technological achievements , Help build a real community of human destiny .

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