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In recent days, , A resignation speech released by Alibaba employees on Alibaba's intranet circulated on the Internet , In the article , The employee complained about various internal problems of Alibaba , call “ high P behave like thieves and prostitutes , in P Kneel and lick on both sides , Small P No brain pink ”. Make complaints about it. , Every vice president is a local Emperor , Small P Our brainless pink , In order not to use your mind , They can give up themselves , Give up your independent thinking .( notes : Alibaba's internal system “P” Sequence rank ,P3 And the following , Low end functional posts and outsourcing ,P4= Commissioner, , Fresh undergraduates ,P5= senior , Fresh graduate students ,P6= Senior , Graduate student 1 To 2 Years of working experience , The new doctor ,P7= Experts ,P8= Senior expert ,P9= Senior experts ,P10= researcher / scientists ,P11= Senior researcher / Chief scientist ,P12= Lead researcher .)

Employees admit that these problems often make him feel that the company can't miss .

The following is the original text of the employee's resignation post :

It's today last day, Just returned the work card . I also wrote labels for myself on the intranet , The following three sentences :

Ali abandoned , No promise , It's useless .

Take the initiative to leave , Never hire , Do not contact .

Consciously pull black , Don't send when you're gone , You don't deserve it .

For more than three years , I've seen the pig run , Basically understand the rules of the game here , So in summary : high P behave like thieves and prostitutes , in P Kneel and lick on both sides , Small P No brain pink .

high P Men steal women and prostitutes , Literally . Every vice president is a local Emperor , Money and land , Someone has the right to . Then how can we put these warlords who lack nothing together and not fight , Hey , Only the most primitive human nature . Give... To the reproductive system “ organization ” Hand over the handle , It's the completion of the nomination . There are too many examples , Jiang and Hu Z some (Z A certain level is less than , It belongs to paying first and then waiting for promotion ) Everybody knows . Hold a meeting , And a friendly reminder “ If you have a second bedroom, get a divorce ”. Of course , Male thieves and female prostitutes are high P Our job , Make a small mistake , Make sure that the ring is inserted , All's well that ends well . Only with more primitive human nature can we curb general human nature . Of course , Except for the most primitive human nature , It's OK to use religious belief . But that can't be solved by committing a small crime . Bin Laden , Hitler , Stalin , We can all learn , high P Our hearts are itching , Half learned , By higher P Stop it .

in P There were two kinds , Shameless and shameless , The former kneels up and licks , Down PUA, I hope I can get into the circle of men and women as soon as possible . The latter pretends to be submissive , Raise the muzzle one centimeter down . But the latter will not last long , Or suffer from your conscience or feel a waste of time , Or be HR With “ Not regard as ”“ Old white rabbit ” Renovation . In the end P There will only be a group of shameless , Gamblers lick dogs , Being a double faced person , Think you can get benefits by selling your soul , bully the weak and fear the strong , I cheated myself into believing the lie . Occupy the pit , Continue to be a walking corpse who can't take off his red dance shoes .

Why? , Because this is a huge profit ( It's not violence ) The system of . In any profiteering system , Maintaining the power structure is the most important thing , Benefits outweigh everything . So it's all so natural .

Small P We are different , In order not to use your mind , They can give up themselves , Give up your independent thinking , Brainless pink means they . There's something wrong ,“ Why don't the organization take care of it !”. Waiver of responsibility , It's also tantamount to giving up power , It's really comfortable to give up , Go with the flow , Integrated into Ali's family , Slaves can build pyramids anyway , Be a ghost , Also happy . rose , As long as someone comes out to appease , They bring their own chicken soup , Wag your tail , I feel that following the great, glorious and correct vice president can liberate all mankind . As a result, I met 807 event , Reverse , Heartache ah . Does Zhou feel sorry for Zhang , Farting , Chou is bending over to the emperor and East Hall . Eggs and stones , Always stand by the stone .“ We don't allow Alibaba to be bad ” This garbage slogan comes when you open your mouth . Show loyalty to power , You might as well wear an orange armband , Dance a loyalty dance . This state usually lasts for two years , Until they finish domesticating , Stockholm attack , ah , Kneeling really smells , For many years, my daughter-in-law became a mother-in-law , Entering P Keep kneeling . Or realize that you have a little dignity left , I don't want to be a dry battery anymore , Then I have to leave , Go out and turn right , It's easy to leave without delivering .

high P The children are watching the play , I'm so happy . Provoke the masses to fight the masses , They are good at , It's also a script they saw when they were young , There is a kind of learning . Let small P Waving flags and shouting in front, working hard to cook chicken soup , Let go P Be a villain in mixing water , Then you can hide behind and reap benefits . The whole process goes round after round , Wash off a batch of disobedient farts and middle-level , Sometimes younger , From time to time , It's all washing anyway , Wash around , high P Never change . Whether you were a receptionist, a technical secondary school or a thousand old , Hold on to this golden lottery , To unite closely . So the power system is particularly stable , The organization is thriving , Kick Amazon , Punch the apple , Jinmen first , Point the day and await for it . Of course , Stocks fell. , That's because it's all Trump's responsibility , It is a temporary setback of the revolution , Fall to 100 It doesn't matter , It's just that 20 million a year becomes 10 million , I really lost a lot .

There is nothing to miss . To say what this place has brought me for more than three years , That's a bunch of data points . It opened my eyes , Know some rules , nothing more .

 Alibaba's intranet resignation post is a hot topic

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