Several Apple suppliers cut power and stopped production

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9 month 26 Japan , Xinxing electronics, Apple's printed circuit board manufacturer, announced that , Because Suzhou area will be in 9 month 26 Noon 12 these 9 month 30 Japan 24 Power supply for industrial production shall be stopped on time , The company's subsidiaries in Suzhou and Kunshan will be temporarily suspended until 9 month 30 Japan .

Xinxing electronics means , During the shutdown, it will coordinate the production of other plants in the group , To meet customers' shipping needs , Expected shutdown 4.5 It has not had a significant impact for a working day .

As a major supplier of mechanical parts to apple and Tesla , Yisheng precision is also 9 month 26 Said Monday :“ In response to Kunshan's policy of stopping industrial power consumption , from 9 month 26 The day is coming 10 month 1 The factory suspended production on the th .”

9 month 28 Japan , Red Star capital bureau calls Dingxin Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the production bases of Xinxing electronics in Kunshan , The relevant staff said :“ We had a holiday long ago , Last until 9 month 30 Japan , Then wait for notice .”

Heshuo said that it had not been significantly affected , The sun and moonlight are 9 month 26 In the notice of the day, it said to the customer , Have won 1 In days, the production of products under machine operation will be completed .

in addition , For companies with a broader supply chain , Measures are also being taken to enable non power limited areas to provide capacity supplement support .

The moment is right iPhone13 Series shipment peak , A number of apple supply chain factories due to “ Power rationing ” And stop production , Will it affect iPhone13 The production of , It's not known yet .

Source : Red Star News

 Several Apple suppliers cut power and stopped production

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