I see the Li Ziqi incident

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recently , Top stream red plum seven, which has hundreds of millions of fans all over the world “ disappear ”, Become a hot spot of network public opinion . The cause of the event , Since mid July , Her accounts on all platforms have been in a state of long-time stop .

Before that , Li Ziqi once Tucao and make complaints about social platforms : Some netizens from her “ I was sick in the middle of the night ”“ I called the police early in the morning ” And so on , Liuliuzhu noticed that Li Ziqi should be in trouble . And then “ capital ” The emergence of this word , It points the source of trouble to the company she works for : Hangzhou weinian .

Li Ziqi, formerly Li Jiajia , Born in 1990 year , From Mianyang, Sichuan . According to her account , When I was a child, because of my parents' divorce and my father's early death , It was quite difficult , I have to go back to my grandparents and continue to live . Grandpa used to be a country cook , Be good at farm work , Can also weave bamboo . Besides , Li Ziqi also worked as a carpenter with his grandfather , Cook with Grandma , When the crops are ripe, she will work in the fields . I've learned a lot , It has also become an important material for his short video works in the future . When she was in the fifth grade of primary school, her grandfather died , Grandma began to raise her alone , Life has become unsustainable .

14 At the age of , Li Ziqi dropped out of school and went to work in the city , I slept in a park chair , Served as a waiter , I also learned to play a disc .2012 year , Because grandma is ill, no one takes care of her , She quit her old job , Back home , Take care of grandma , Accompany grandma every day , Make delicious food for grandma .

2015 end of the year , Encouraged by my cousin , Li Ziqi contacted meipai and other short video creation platforms , Started the creation of video content .2016 year 9 month , Liu Tongming, founder of weinian technology, expressed his love for Li Ziqi's video content in a private letter , Said it could bring her microblog resource support . later , Li Ziqi signed MCN Institutional Micro Technology , The number of fans has also soared .

In recent days, , It is said that Li Ziqi is in the equity structure “ A loss ”, Exposed the potential conflicts and contradictions between Li Ziqi and the capital side .

I think , Li Jiajia ( Plum seven ) My weakness is , She is “ Replicable ” Of , Does not have “ irreplaceability ”, Did not create an independent personality brand , Just an actor who plays the brand of Li Ziqi .

In the eyes of the company , Li Jiajia is just a worker , There are many video bloggers with better conditions than her , Enterprises rely on early risk investment to operate a brand , If migrant workers can't properly deal with the relationship with enterprises , So for an enterprise , This is an uncontrollable huge risk , The enterprise can only choose to train another employee to replace her .

For Li Jiajia , There are two choices , One is to continue to cooperate with weinian company , Continue the original process, continue to release videos and operate brands , The other is to work alone , Create your own company and operate an independent brand .

If Li Jiajia works alone , May not be able to continue to use “ Plum seven ” Brand , because “ Plum seven ” Our brand and account number are controlled by weinian company , Li Jiajia needs to find his own team , Open your own account , Start from scratch , The initial investment and risk of the company are very high , Photography 、 Extension 、 The labor cost of operation requires high cost , Once the new brand fails, it will lose a lot of money , But if it works , Li Jiajia's personal income is likely to rise to a higher level .

Li Jiajia is in the original “ Plum seven ” The contribution of in the brand is limited , Basically, it's just contributing a face , Don't even open your mouth , The writers 、 The director 、 Photography 、 The light 、 Release 、 operating 、 Promotion and so on , It's all done by people in the company , especially YouTube The operation and promotion of the account need great difficulty , Not many domestic companies know about overseas operations , Overseas operation is actually a very complex and high-cost job , The cost of operation and promotion is very high , Its success is quite accidental , If Li Jiajia breaks up with the original company , Then the original company only needed to find someone who looked like Li Ziqi to continue to develop , There are no legal problems .

Li Jiajia's problem is , Didn't create a “ Do not copy ” Your personal brand , She is in “ Plum seven ” The brand only contributes a face , Easier to copy , If she can contribute more personalized content , It's not that easy to copy , such as “papi sauce ” and “ Food writer Wang Gang ” This is difficult to replicate , in addition , In terms of culinary expertise , I think Wang Gang's works are much higher than Li Ziqi's works . Li Ziqi's video , In terms of professionalism and quality , It's not much , That is to say, it is more popular overseas , At first, no one in China paid attention to , Plum seven YouTube The channel is mainly aimed at foreigners , Foreigners are face blind , If another actor plays , Foreigners can't see it at all , There will be a great chance to continue to be popular overseas .

 I think the Li Ziqi incident

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