Find tmall to replace the operation process

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With the development of e-commerce , Tmall stores also welcomed a large number of merchants , The increase of tmall stores has led to a sharp increase in the demand of tmall's agent operation market .

 Find tmall to run the process

Find tmall to run the process

In this way, there will be more people looking for tmall to operate the company on behalf of them , However, many businesses don't know how to find tmall's operating company , What is the right process , Today, let's sort out the process of finding tmall to operate the company on behalf .

 Find tmall to run the process

Find tmall to run the process

What is tmall's agent operation ?

Tmall agent operation refers to the service provider that helps tmall merchants run tmall stores , The general tmall agent operation company is only responsible for the operation of tmall stores , Including store operation , Selected products , Promotion design and other store operations , Others, such as shipping , The customer service before and after sales still needs to be solved by the merchant

How does tmall charge for operating the company ?

At present, the charging modes of tmall on behalf of the operating company are roughly divided into three types : Service charge only 、 Only pick up points 、 Service charge + remind , From the perspective of tmall's operating company market , The third charging mode is basic service fee + The charging mode of raising points is the most common .

 Find tmall to run the process

Find tmall to run the process

Where does tmall operate the company on behalf of ?

At present, tmall's operating companies in China are mainly concentrated in Hangzhou 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Beijing 、 Wuhan and other regions with relatively developed e-commerce industries , In particular, according to incomplete statistics in Hangzhou, more than half of tmall's operating companies are set up in Hangzhou .

What is the operation process of tmall generation ?

The process of looking for tmall to operate the company on behalf of tmall is divided into the following points

1. Telephone preliminary communication , Mainly chat about the cooperation mode of cat generation operation company 、 Charging mode 、 Company situation 、 Cooperation shop 、 Team configuration .

2. Meet and interview , Mainly talk about some specific matters , To put it more directly, the store should give them an idea of how they operate , We have reached a consensus .

3. Contract signing , If the above two parts are settled, it is the contract signing stage .

4. After signing the contract , Tmall will set up a team to operate on behalf of the company , Tmall merchants will set up a special docking person .

5. Perform the contract in accordance with the contract

The above is where tmall operates the company on behalf of the company and doesn't understand the process. You can directly edit private letters