Improving website ranking is not the ultimate goal of SEO optimization

People in Beijing 2021-10-14 01:58:10

SEO It's called SEO, It can be understood as ,SEO Is to change the web page , So that visitors can find them in search engines ; However , real SEO It's not like that !

classic SEO The deep-seated problem is to focus on technical solutions . Webmasters use a variety of techniques and strategies to generate more meteors or higher rankings , But they have no business strategy or run counter to business goals , Because they can't measure the average cost or the cost of each acquisition .

SEO The goal should not always be to grab the ranking ,SEO It should be part of the enterprise strategy .SEO Our goal is to increase the number of conversions and sales , By showing potential customers 、 Switch or sales growth to measure success .

all the time ,SEO Our goal is to make the website rank at the top of the search engine . In traditional SEO in ,“ Keyword ranking ” It's a measure seo A simple way to optimize . Everyone can enter their favorite keywords , Watch search engines and See rankings .

except “ Build better pages ” The first mock exam is vague , Search engines don't give us much help , Caused a lot of confusion and error messages . This “ silence ” Our website is full of bad suggestions .

 Quanwang Technology | Improving website ranking is not SEO The ultimate goal of optimization

Some companies know SEO Importance , But I don't know how to choose keywords ; for example , The company name does not need to be optimized ; People who want to buy products are unlikely to use the company name to search ; Users will look for products . No analysis tools , There is no way to match search and conversion ; Webmasters can see their rankings , They use this method .

With the introduction of analysis tools ,SEO It has also changed ; Analysis tools can be used to manage according to business objectives SEO. Increase the number of conversions and sales , This can be done through analysis tools .

The analysis tool shows which keywords bring traffic to the website , You can see how much conversion rate each keyword produces 、 Potential customers and sales ; By understanding the jump out rate of the entry page and using multiple tools , You will know which websites have sent the converted traffic ; You can measure and improve web pages , Increase profit .

Go further SEO It should be combined with website operation , Gradually expand the influence of the website ; Even help enterprises establish brand effect , Not a simple ranking .

Get a good ranking , Maybe it can only be said that SEO The first step of optimization , Everything should be seen deeper and farther , Only in this way can we grasp SEO The job of , Set long-term goals , And information can make SEO extreme !

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