The customer defended his rights at the Audi 4S store and was beaten by the sales consultant! Netizen: Audi is really a suit mob

Bring shame on yourself 2021-10-14 01:58:06

In recent days, , Wuhan Audi 4S The store salesperson's beating the customer caused concern ,4S The store responded that the police had been involved in the investigation .

recently , Some netizens uploaded the full version of the video , Reviewed Audi 4S The antecedents and consequences of the store beating incident .

According to the fact , Wuhan Hengxin Aolong Audi 4S A customer who has ordered a car in the store , Because of the vehicle deposit problem , And 4S There was a dispute at the store , As a result, I was beaten by the sales consultants . It is reported that , The cause of the dispute is due to 4S The temporary decision to increase the price led to subsequent conflicts in the cancellation of the deposit .

According to the tiktok voice of the customer ,7 month 27 Japan , He is in Wuhan Hengxin Aolong 4S The store paid Audi A6L Earnest money 10000 element .8 month 15 Japan , The salesperson called and said that as soon as the car arrived at the store , You can pay in advance and pick up the car once a day .8 month 17 Japan , When he got to the store, he paid the down payment , The salesperson said they could leave , The insurance policy will be sent to him through a mobile link and he can pay , After paying the purchase tax the next day, you can pick up the car .

As a result, on the night of payment, the salesperson told him that because of the temporary increase in the price of the car , Internal negotiations are under way , Can't pick up the car on time , At that time , The salesperson promised to collect the car within a week , And won't raise his price . It's here. 8 month 26 Japan , The salesperson said they would add 2.5 Ten thousand yuan to collect the car .

In the video , Angry customers choose to 4S Store rights protection , and 4S The salesperson of the store not only snatched the rights protection slogan from the customers, but also crushed it with his feet , In the ensuing quarrel , Directly staged the whole martial arts ”.

 Customer Audi 4S Store rights protection , Beaten by the sales consultant ! Net friend : Audi is really a suit thug

After it was posted online , It caused a heated discussion among netizens . One netizen said : Audi is really a suit thug , The staff are not ordinary ”、 The old perplexer has a sense of vision ”.

 Customer Audi 4S Store rights protection , Beaten by the sales consultant ! Net friend : Audi is really a suit thug

For the above , audi 4S The staff of the store administration department told reporters , At present, the police have intervened .

At the same time there is 4S Introduction to the store staff , The cause was a conflict between the customer and the sales consultant , The customer's first hand . The customer was not alone , Because employees wear uniform work clothes , When you go up to the fight , The customer thought he was going to hit him , Before the police investigation is completed , It's not convenient to make remarks .

 Customer Audi 4S Store rights protection , Beaten by the sales consultant ! Net friend : Audi is really a suit thug

But after seeing the complete video, netizens don't agree 4S What the store staff said , One netizen said : Do you think we are all blind ?” The first time I saw someone who put his foot on someone else , Sure enough, I have gained insight ”.

at present , The police have been involved in the investigation , Follow up , We will also keep an eye on .

source : Fast science and technology

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