How do you earn tiktok?

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“ Everyone can be famous 15 second ”, Tiktok , This is hatched from today's headlines , With cool 、 Be happy 、 Spoof as the main label , Short video social gathering of young groups APP,2016 year 9 Monthly online .

In a short span of 9 In the past three months, the data showed exponential growth , User volume breaking 1 Billion , Daily broadcast volume 10 Billion , Vibrato in 2018 Spring Festival Huoda 6500 ten thousand , stay App Store The list of downloads has even surpassed Alipay. , Become a recipient with wechat 90 after 、00 Post popular phenomenal products .

Quieting is tiktok now. , People with sensitive sense of smell should have smelled money long ago , Here are two ways to make tiktok. .

1、 Tiktok window , Making money with goods ( Tiktok )

To sell 、 Take the goods 、 Sales oriented tiktok account , It can be called the "tiktok". . There are many kinds of products sold , You can sell your own products : Like mask 、 dress 、 agriculture products 、 Special handicrafts, etc , It can also be tiktok selection alliance. 、 TaoBao 、 JD.COM 、 Koala and other platform products earn commission .

Tiktok is still at the starting stage. , Flow dividend period , In this good time , Three or five thousand a month , Over 10000 , Even more than 10 Nothing is a problem , A popular video can bring more than ten thousand revenue , That's how it works .

Self operated product cases :

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

Figure above , An account number ,257.7 Thousands of fans , The profit from bringing goods in the window is millions , Worth 1 More than 100 people 1 Total annual income .

Tiktok case :

Tiktok tiktok simply helps Taobao sellers to promote products on the jitter. , And earn commission according to the number of sales . This mode of carrying goods is similar to traditional Taobao customers , Everyone can participate , And you can make money without supply .

Some time ago, tiktok was cleaned by a college student. , This is called “ Little sister Sha ” Of college students , Tiktok on the trill , It only took 4 I earned it in days 100 Million Commission .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

2、 Leave micro signals on the main page , Selling products to make money

Tiktok is obvious to people. ,3 100 million monthly live users , It basically covers all groups , Applicable to all industries , Therefore, it has also become a sweet pastry in the eyes of marketers .

Get customer stories :

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

Tiktok APP, home page 、 Personal signature 、 Comment area 、 Private messages can be placed on wechat , use 2 Replace with a homophonic word , For example, wechat prestige replaces .

Any industry , Tiktok can be used. .

The video above , Match a few words with a few pictures , It can be formed , Novices can also operate , Update your own short videos regularly , Leave your contact information on the home page , A steady stream of customers .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

Tens of millions of works , Loosely fill up a micro signal .

Sell products after adding to wechat 、 Collection agent 、 Selling courses ....

Here's a tiktok made by a cosmetics friend. ,37 One piece , drainage 1 One thousand people , turnover 7.5 Ten thousand yuan .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

This is the easiest way to earn money by using tiktok. , Import traffic into the circle of friends , Long term transformation , Multiple realizations , Suitable for everyone .

Talking about drainage , I have to mention a treasure mother friend of mine , She sold weight loss products before she made tiktok. , Failed due to poor drainage skills , To make ends meet , Before meeting me, I sighed every day because of the traffic .

After suggesting that she do the tiktok , She ushered in an explosion of traffic , Revenue growth .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

The production of video is very simple , Using fast clips 、 Meitu Xiu Xiu , It can be completed in more than ten minutes , Hundreds of thousands of powder in three months .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

She put weight in the tiktok window. 、 Plastic products , Take the commission given by the merchant , Wechat is also left in the personal profile .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

She sends weight loss products in her circle of friends , There will also be agency fees for products .

 How do we earn tiktok? ?

Daily flow of individual account 7-8 thousand , Every month , It's easy to get 20000 .

above , Tiktok is a way to earn money. , I hope you like it !

Thank you for your support .
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