Bubble Mart invests in cat galaxy, which is a vertical e-commerce platform around the quadratic element

TechWeb 2021-09-15 07:27:37

【TechWeb】 Companies check APP Show , In recent days, , Industrial and commercial changes have taken place in Guangzhou nAODONG Network Technology Co., Ltd , New shareholder: Beijing paopaomat cultural creativity Co., Ltd , At the same time, the registered capital of the company is 20.51 Ten thousand yuan is increased to 24.16 RMB 10,000 yuan .

Enterprise inspection information shows , Cat galaxy is a two-dimensional peripheral vertical e-commerce platform , The main Lolita、JK Uniforms and other pan quadratic costumes , Its company was founded in 2015 year , The legal representative is Qian Yong , The scope of business includes : Comic ( Animation ) Brokerage services ; Indoor handmade entertainment services ; Film and television brokerage services ; Audio and video brokerage agency services, etc .

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 Wechat pictures _20210909113735