Game plate under the new wine of "meta universe": grab the tuyere and guard against "black holes"

TechWeb 2021-09-15 07:27:34

9 Opening day , Hitchhiking “ Meta universe ” Concept of game stocks performance differentiation . Interview Tencent with relevant departments 、 Netease and other key online game enterprises and game account rental and sales platforms 、 After the game live platform , Today's game board is no longer like yesterday ” Meta universe “ That is, no brain fever .

With ” Meta universe “ Born in the sky , Related concept stocks broke out yesterday , Online games take the lead . Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ)、 Sheng day network (300494.SZ)、 Tom cat (300459.SZ) Yesterday's harvest 20 Cm limit , Tian Zhou Culture (300148.SZ) Took the lead in rising the previous trading day 20% On the basis of yesterday's rise again 16.71%.

Opening today , Zhongqingbao continues to be strong ,13.20 Yuan GaoKai touch and 14.10 element , distance 20 The centimeter limit was once close . Today, Tianzhou culture is based on 4.20 Yuan opened sharply lower , At one point, it fell more than 10%. Sheng day network (300494.SZ) Also open low , As of press time, it fell more than 6 A little bit .

Yesterday afternoon, I took the initiative to disclose that I had touched the porcelain yuan universe and asked for it 20 Cm limit also received a letter of regulatory concern from Tom Cat , Today with 3.95 After the yuan opened low, it opened the volatile market , As of press time, it has risen by more than 5 A little bit .

obviously , Today's differentiation of game stocks , Explain the of the meta universe “ Efficacy ” It's decaying . Nothing new in the sun . We might as well look at the fundamentals and past history of these companies , It may help investors decide “ Grab the air outlet ” still “ Anti black hole ”.

Let's look at the fundamentals first , Zhongqingbao rose yesterday 20 Receive the report after cm 11.81 element , Market value 31.09 One hundred million yuan .2021 According to the mid year news , Earnings per share 0.04 element , revenue 1.64 One hundred million yuan , Year on year -72.44%, Net profit attributable to 1154.73 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year +30.31%.

Shengtian network closed yesterday 16.52 element , Market value 39.65 One hundred million yuan .2021 According to the mid year news , Earnings per share 0.29 element , revenue 6.2 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 38.89%, Net profit attributable to 7003.73 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 80%.

Tianzhou culture reported yesterday 4.68 element , Current market value 39.52 One hundred million yuan . The latest semi annual report shows that , Earnings per share 0.05 element , revenue 2.65 One hundred million yuan , Year on year -29.78%, Net profit attributable to 4539.03 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 6.56%.

Tom Cat rose yesterday 20 Cm later 4.06 element , The total market value 13 One hundred million yuan , Earnings per share 0.12 element , revenue 9.17 One hundred million yuan , growth 1.7%; Net profit attributable to 4.12 One hundred million yuan , Decline in 10.88%.

It's not hard to see. , The above companies are basically small market value companies , The earnings per share of zhongqingbao and Tianzhou culture in the first half of this year were only 4 Money and 5 Cents . Sheng day network 6.2 Billion yuan of revenue ,7000 Net profit of 10000 yuan and double-digit growth , Excellent in the above companies .

Among the above game companies , Tom cat's share price detonated on its own yesterday .9 month 8 At noon , Tom Cat said in reply to the company's questions about the technology and layout of the metauniverse :“ The company's existing products have a huge user base , Have a user base for meta universe product development . meanwhile , The company is also actively exploring the technical reserve of yuancosmic product development “, It is said that the skyline micro motion invested by the company has developed a number of VR game .

Tom cat also broke the news , He said that the company will explore the innovative R & D and landing of meta universe game products for the future ,“ Firmly optimistic about the development direction of the meta universe , A special working group on the direction of the meta universe has been established , Coordinate R & D teams at home and abroad , Carry out concept development and project approval for specific categories of products ”.

Do wonders vigorously , Tom cat's share price changed. Winton suddenly rose sharply in the morning , Harvest “20cm” harden . This initiative “ Please pay attention to ”, Sure enough, it attracted the attention of the regulators on the same day .

Need to know , Tom cat's controlling shareholder Jinke holdings and its concerted actors 、 The actual controller Zhu Zhigang is in the reduction period . before 8 month 23 Japan , Tom cat revealed , Jinke holdings and Zhu Zhigang plan for the future 6 Through block trading within months 、 Transfer by agreement 、 The total external transfer by means of centralized bidding transaction shall not exceed 2.11 Million shares ( Accounting for the total share capital of a company 6%) shares .

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern on the same day , Ask the company to explain whether there is a hot spot for easy reply by using interaction 、 Fry concept , To cooperate with the reduction of shareholders , And verify other shareholding of the company 5% The above shareholders 、 The future of directors, supervisors and senior staff 3 Whether there is a share reduction plan within months .

The regulators are so serious , Not for no reason . After all , Tom cat, formerly known as Zhejiang Jinke , There has been illegal reduction of “ criminal record ”.2015 After being listed as a traditional chemical enterprise in, only 4 Months , Zhejiang Jinke plans to restructure , With 29 Billion yuan to acquire Hangzhou zhexin held by Wang Jian 100 Equity involved in the game industry .

This cross-border result , yes 2019 Goodwill impairment arising from the acquisition of Hangzhou zhexin in 26.11 One hundred million yuan , The company suffered a huge loss of 27.80 One hundred million yuan . After Wang Jian became chairman , The reduction of holdings and cash out exceeded 7 One hundred million yuan . last year 12 month 21 Japan , Wang Jianyin 2019 year 11 Month to 2020 year 3 During the month, the reduction of the company's shares was suspected of insider trading , Be put on file by the CSRC for investigation .

Cross border mobile games reap substantial goodwill reduction , Tom cat is not alone . Tianzhou culture is in 2013 Because of the cross-border acquisition of game companies, the magical era reaped in one fell swoop 9 A harden , But in the end ” On the feather “ Result .

The meta universe bears “ The next generation of Internet evolution ”、“ The junction of the real world and the virtual world ” Definition of cool , For many investors , It may be difficult to understand . And to earn real money from concepts they don't understand , Naturally, the difficulty will not be small .

in fact , Zhongqingbao is very straightforward ,“ The company touched “ Meta universe ” The concept is relatively shallow , The corresponding products are still under development ”.