IPhone 13 will be released soon, but the survey shows that iPhone users are not willing to upgrade

TechWeb 2021-09-15 07:27:30

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Apple sent out an invitation on Wednesday local time , The announcement will be made at... Pacific time 9 month 14 The morning of 10 spot , It's Beijing time 9 month 15 Early morning 1 spot , Hold new product launch in autumn .


iPhone It has always been the focus of Apple's autumn new product launch , What will be launched this year will be iPhone 13,Apple Watch Series 7 It is also expected to appear at this press conference .

The present distance iPhone 13 It's been less than a week since it was released , But foreign media surveys show that ,iPhone The user to iPhone 13 Your willingness to upgrade is not strong .

Foreign website pair 1500 name iPhone User surveys show that , have only 10% Of respondents promised that they would buy a new generation of iPhone, the height is 64% Of respondents said they had no plans to upgrade at present , The remaining 26% It has not been decided yet .

Foreign media reported that , For those who have not decided whether to upgrade or not iPhone 13 Users of , The new features may lead them to upgrade .

It is worth noting that ,10% Of respondents promised to upgrade iPhone 13,64% Of respondents said they would not upgrade , It's just a small-scale survey of foreign websites , The investigation only covered 1500 name iPhone user , At present, it is not clear that in the foreign media investigation iPhone User status , If iPhone 12 Most users , It is not surprising that the willingness to upgrade is low .

According to analysts' previous estimates ,iPhone 13 The sales volume after listing will not be low .8 At the end of the month, some analysts expect , stay iPhone 13 Series and support to be launched in the first half of next year 5G Network connected iPhone SE The next push , By next year 9 Apples at the end of the month 2022 The fiscal year ,iPhone The shipment volume of is expected to reach 2.46 Billion parts , Will be more than 2021 The fiscal year , Hit a new high .

Of course ,iPhone 13 What is the upgrade intention of users after the launch , It mainly depends on the function of the mobile phone itself 、 Configuration and price , If cost-effective , Naturally, more users will buy , These will not be known until they are released . From previous reports ,iPhone 13 In terms of hardware , processor 、 The screen and camera will be upgraded , The battery capacity will also be greater , There will be more models in the market , Support millimeter wave with faster transmission speed 5G.