52toys completed the joint lead investment of the former sea mother fund and China capital before the 400 million yuan round C financing

TechWeb 2021-09-15 07:27:28

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , recently , Collect toy brands “52TOYS” complete 4 One hundred million yuan C Round of funding , Jointly led by the former sea mother fund and China capital , Fund of CICC capital 、 Xintong capital 、 And fixed capital follow-up investment , Taihe capital serves as the exclusive financial consultant .

The data shows ,52TOYS Founded on 2015 year , Positioning in the collection of toy brands , Business covers design 、 production 、 Complete industrial chain of the whole sales link . at present , Its team has nearly 400 people , Designers account for... Of the company's overall staff 1/5.

52TOYS It has been in taikooli, Beijing 、 Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77、 Kuanzhai alley in Chengdu 、 Shanghai IAPM、 Zhengda square 、 Shenzhen COCOPARK Wait for the mall to open more than ten direct brand stores , It is expected that in the next year , To be opened 100 A direct brand store , And put thousands of unmanned retail machines on the market .

meanwhile , Reports said ,52TOYS implement “ Dual track parallel ” Of IP R & D strategy , Including classics IP Cooperation and originality IP Development . As for the future proportion of the two ,52TOYS Express , It will be adjusted according to the company's strategy at each stage . at present ,52TOYS Has been launched 《BOX Deformable mecha 》、《CANDYBOX》、《 Super activation 》 And so on .

Public information display according to enterprise investigation , Before this round of financing ,52TOYS Four rounds of financing have been completed , The most recent one was in 2020 year 2 month . according to the understanding of , This round of financing will be used for product research and development 、 Incubation and investment of local designers and brand upgrading .