Lao Rongzhi was sentenced to death in the first instance and appealed in court!

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9 month 9 The morning of 9 when , Nanchang intermediate people's Court of Jiangxi Province arrested Lao Rongzhi for intentional homicide according to law 、 rob 、 The first instance of the crime of kidnapping was publicly pronounced .

Nanchang intermediate people's court found that , The defendant Lao Rongzhi committed intentional homicide 、 Robbery 、 kidnapping , Combined punishment for several crimes , Decided to carry out the death penalty .

As report goes , Lao Rongzhi refused to accept the judgment , Appeal in court .

Lao Rongzhi ,1974 people , Former primary school teacher of Jiujiang Petrochemical Company .1996 - 1999 During the year , Lao Rongzhi followed his then boyfriend, FA Ziying, in Nanchang 、 wenzhou 、 changzhou 、 Hefei committed 4 Kidnapping 、 rob 、 Homicide .

1999 year , Faziying was captured in Hefei , And in 1999 year 11 month 18 He was sentenced to death by the intermediate people's Court of Hefei, Anhui Province .

Escape near 20 After year , Lao Rongzhi in 2019 year 12 In June, he was arrested in Xiamen, Fujian .

2020 year 12 month 21 Japan , The case of Lao Rongzhi was heard in Nanchang intermediate people's court .

Nanchang procuratorate accused , stay 1996 - 1999 During the year , Lao Rongzhi and FA Ziying jointly planned in Nanchang 、 wenzhou 、 changzhou 、 Hefei committed 4 Kidnapping 、 rob 、 Intentional homicide , Among them, Lao Rongzhi was involved in killing 5 people , And rob a lot of money .

period , They conspire and have a clear division of labor , Lao Rongzhi works as a waitress in entertainment places ( Be commonly called “ Sit on the stage ”) Find rich people to commit crimes . After the incident , Lao Rongzhi uses “ Shirley ” Wait for your pseudonym to abscond .

The reporter noticed at the scene of the trial , In court , Lao Rongzhi repeatedly argued that the conspiracy did not exist , I'm also a victim . The final presentation stage , Lao Rongzhi apologized to the victim's family , But she said she was 21 At the age of, he was used by France and Britain 、 Coercion , Be beaten , Also wanted to commit suicide and escape , But I don't know who to turn to , Missed opportunities again and again , Eventually lead to irreparable and unforgivable consequences .

The defender Chen Tonghua pointed out in court , There is no objection to the fact that Lao Rongzhi is suspected of robbery and kidnapping , But for death and intentional homicide , The available evidence is insufficient . As of this hearing , Chen Tonghua has already met with Lao Rongzhi 19 Time .

The public prosecution opinion of Nanchang procuratorate holds that , Lao Rongzhi is the principal criminal of a series of crimes , The means of crime are extremely cruel , The consequences of the crime are extremely serious , Society is very harmful , Its subjective malignancy is very deep , Should bear the crime of intentional homicide 、 kidnapping 、 Corresponding criminal responsibility of robbery .

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