How to operate the official account in supermarkets

dongxiaofeng 2021-09-15 06:37:30

      We all know the development of we media in the past two years , Now people choose to shop online , For example, the WeChat official account of supermarkets should be established for publicity. .

      The official account can not only push messages. , It can also carry out secondary development and sell goods . So how should a public official account of a supermarket convenience store operate? ?

      One 、 Guide and stimulate offline customer attention

      Supermarkets always have a certain number of offline users , Merchants can show their wechat at the cashier , When customers register, members can reduce or reduce a certain amount of money or give designated goods as gifts . The complimentary goods should be practical , For example, paper towels. 、 Cups, etc , Stimulate users to pay attention to the activity by reducing fees and giving away goods , Fully attract customers who come to the store for consumption , Effectively prevent customer churn .

      Two 、 Do a good job in commodity classification , Provide search function

      There are many kinds of goods in supermarkets , Therefore, we should do a good job in commodity classification and search function , Let consumers quickly find what they want to buy , Don't let users give up because they can't find what they want to buy for a long time . The product details page shall have the display of physical drawings , When the goods are out of stock, they should be removed from the shelves in time , Maintain customers' shopping experience .

      3、 ... and 、 Different payment methods are supported

      Businesses should provide customers with different payment methods , Like a bank card 、 Wechat transfer or cash payment . Different consumer groups have different choices of payment methods , This should be considered thoroughly .

      Four 、 Different integral digestion methods

      Each member will generate corresponding points after shopping , Good points can be used to stimulate customers to produce multiple consumption behaviors . Points can be used to offset cash , Only part of the amount can be offset during shopping , You can also get some lucky draw , Stimulate customers' enthusiasm to participate in points activities .

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