Tea category merchants prepare for the Mid Autumn Festival promotion activities, and pinduoduo stores operate on behalf of full trust

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Hello everyone , I'm a store Analyst , Eight years of e-commerce operation experience , Today, I'd like to share with you the preparations for the Mid Autumn Festival promotion activities of various businesses

1、 The importance of the Mid Autumn Festival

Online sales in the tea industry , In the first half of the year, the foundation was laid , The second half of the year is used for outbreak . Explosive 3 The two important nodes are the Mid Autumn Festival in chronological order , double 11, Annual commodities Festival , It's more explosive every time . therefore , The Mid Autumn Festival is the beginning of whether your business can explode , Open this head well .

(ps: Before the Mid Autumn Festival , There will also be an agricultural Festival , It is also available in the whole category of tea , A big boost to tea , This greatly urges businesses to take it as a foundation for the Mid Autumn Festival , Can let you get the full platform of the crowd . Details about the new year's Festival , Don't write it here , We'll synchronize in the group ).

2、 The time node and important activity form of the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion

( Wait for the notice ), In advance, the approximate time will be from 9 month -9 End of month , The whole includes preheating — Promote the launch of the venue —— Key resources online —— Burst peak — Return clearance These processes .

3、 This mid autumn festival focuses on the categories and forms of key products

This Mid Autumn Festival , We are still the form of the whole category working together . Except in the first half of the year 3 Spring Tea Festival and 618 Herbal tea and green tea, which are relatively strong in 2 Outside the second class , We will focus on this mid autumn festival 3 On a warm tea . As for the packing form , In addition to conventional packaging products , Gift box products , Gift giving is a very important point . And this 3 There is not much competition between the two secondary categories at the level of merchants and Commodities , There are still many opportunities for businesses .

therefore , What businesses need to do now is :

First of all : Open a new store , Copy the advantages of your original store operation to these new stores . New stores start fast .

second : Expanded product . Quickly replenish the goods in your store , Select the category with supply chain advantages and give priority to products , Gift box products . Before the Mid Autumn Festival , Create your new pop .

Tips: Very important note : When gift box products are on the shelf , In the attribute “ Gift box ” Be sure to fill it out completely . During the promotion and other activities , Want their gift box products to show to consumers , In the attribute “ Gift box ” Is the only way to grab the platform . Otherwise, the gift box you worked hard to get , On the big promotion , There is no way for consumers to see .

(ps: Training on attribute values , We will have a training in Duoduo class in the near future , Please pay attention to the news in the group

What you businessmen must want to ask is : What kind of gift box products do you make ?

answer : Based on the previous data , Here to provide you with some ideas , Let me explain it here , This information is combined with last year's double 11 And the data of the annual cargo Festival , But the tea category is still in its infancy , Here 2 The nodes didn't do very well , Not very mature , So these product information is only for your reference , When people are choosing products , Don't stick to what sold well last year , What can only be sold this year , This idea will make you miss the opportunity to become bigger and stronger . A good businessman must be good at discovering and creating opportunities , Try bravely .

Some ideas about gift box products :

① The gift box contains products : It can be single black tea 、 Single oolong tea 、 Silver coins of single Pu'er tea 、 Xiaoqinggan , Will make the user feel professional .

② It can also be a mixture of various categories in small cans , Like green tea 、 Wulong 、 black tea 、 Pu'er and others are all in one box . Add tea set 、 The concept of a cup . It will make users feel super value .

③ The can body can be made of various materials , It mainly depends on your cost .

④ Daily large cans are sold in , You can add an extra handbag , This can also be the concept of gift giving . You can also send tea sets , Tea sets can also be made of various materials .

⑤ On pinduoduo platform last year , Annual commodities Festival top Gift box products , The list price ranges from more than twenty yuan to 100 All of them sell well . And this year , The user level of the overall platform is improving , The proportion of user consumption in the first and second tier cities is also increasing , It is suggested that you can also try to make some products with higher unit price , To meet the demands of these users .

⑥ Merchants of flower and grass substitute tea , You can also try to make some gift boxes for mixed products , Send the concept of health . How do you know if you don't try , Flower tea gift box can't be sold ?

summary : Last but not least , These are based on the situation of last year's goods Festival , I want to give you some inspiration , We must not be confined to these boxes , We should study more products on the platform , Competitive products , Explore potential blockbusters . Say it again , Businesses that do well must be good at discovering and creating opportunities , Try bravely !!

The above is the small content to share with you today , I hope it can help you

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