How to operate public official account in film and television industry

dongxiaofeng 2021-09-15 06:24:40

      Many people choose to use the official account to promote. , But we don't know how to promote it , But also for pushing content , There is no good understanding of user service and channel expansion . We all know that wechat users have reached 8 Billion , So wechat has naturally become a new weapon for film and television promotion . Here we will introduce how to operate the official account of the film and television. .

      One 、 First, define your position before you operate the official account.

      When WeChat official account was launched , There are many things to pay attention to . The most important thing is how to increase the value of the account and how to create a distinctive official account. . If you want to run the official account well , The location of the account must be clear , The quality of articles must continue to meet the expectations of fans . That's the only way , Account attributes and fan loyalty will be improved .

     1 In the early days of the official account operation , Most film reviews are carefully selected . Worry that users won't like or unsubscribe . Later, I found that this worry was unnecessary , High quality content is the king . however , Poor interactivity of film reviews . On this issue , Explore and communicate with many fans every night , Ask fans what they like or don't like to see . Many fans provided many relevant opinions and encouragement . Previously, only one was pushed every day , Now organize three items every day , Let users choose according to their preferences .

    2 We should promote it in combination with hot spots . I had two topic interactions when I was a singer . I am a singer and have a high awareness of the program brand , Interaction is also relatively easy . Fans will not be stingy about their love for singers . therefore , The information received has reached a new level , The activity of wechat is really unexpected .

    3 Make it easy for users to get information and read . for example , Getting information by replying to numbers is simple and direct . The content shall be matched with pictures and texts as much as possible , Don't pile up too many words . Too many pictures can cause loading problems . The collocation of pictures and texts should be coordinated .

    4 Learn to summarize and analyze data . Observe what your behavior will increase the number of fans and replies . It's a boring process , But it's also interesting . Because you will gradually understand your fans and their preferences .

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