Unisem, a Malaysian semiconductor company, was asked to close its Ipoh plant for a week after the death of three employees due to Xinguan

TechWeb 2021-09-15 04:51:28

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , During the Munich International Auto Show , The public CEO Herbert · DESs revealed , Because Malaysia is affected by the epidemic , Car chips are not as they expected , Ease after the summer vacation , Some of their suppliers' back-end factories are mainly in Malaysia , Three of the factories were seriously affected by the epidemic , They are also working to solve the chip shortage .

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The latest reports from foreign media show that , Another semiconductor manufacturer in Malaysia was affected by the epidemic .

According to foreign media reports , The new Malaysian semiconductor manufacturers affected by the epidemic are Unisem Bhd, Because a number of employees infected COVID-19 in the near future , among 3 Employees died , Their factory in Ipoh, the capital of Perak, Malaysia , Asked to close for a week .

Foreign media reports show that ,Unisem Bhd The factory in Ipoh , It was requested by the health department from 9 month 8 It began to close on the th , Last until 9 month 15 Japan .

Ipoh factory is for Unisem Bhd One of its important factories , Closing for a week is bound to affect their production .Unisem Bhd Aspect has indicated , The production will be stopped for a week , It will reduce their production throughout the year 2%.

Unisem Bhd A semiconductor manufacturer providing packaging and testing services , Their customers include Infineon 、 Italian French semiconductor, etc , They provide sealed test service chips , For Toyota 、 Cars produced by Tesla and many other auto manufacturers , The production will be stopped for a week , The probability will also have an impact on the supply of automotive chips , Especially when the global supply of automotive chips is tight .

In the report , Foreign media also mentioned , Since this year, 6 Since the month ,Unisem Bhd I've been trying to buy vaccines for Ipoh factories , But it didn't work , And through a private agreement , They are 9 month 1 Japan -3 A large-scale on-site vaccination was carried out , Most of their employees at that time 、 Customer Resident Engineer , And provide transportation for the factory 、 The Contractor's employees for security and cleaning services received the first dose of vaccine .

Although the closure of the factory for a week will affect their production , but Unisem Bhd Express , The safety of employees and local residents is their top priority , They will adhere to high standards of new crown prevention , Minimize transmission .