Behind the interview of Tencent, Netease, etc.: rent No. 25 yuan to play for 3 hours, and the king's glory anti addiction system can't be stopped at all

TechWeb 2021-09-15 04:51:25

TechWeb writing / Zhou Xiao Bai

The most stringent game ban will be implemented for a week , How many minors have been prevented is unknown ,“ Game rental number ” But first became a hot word to detonate public opinion .

TechWeb Personal test found , In some e-commerce and rental platforms , You can rent or buy a popular game account for tens of dollars , Even unlimited game accounts . It means , Minors only need to rent an authenticated adult account , Can turn the anti addiction system into a device .

9 month 8 Japan , Publicity department of the CPC central committee 、 The State Press and Publication Administration and other departments , To Tencent 、 Netease and other key online game enterprises and game account rental and sales platforms 、 Interview on the live game platform , They are required to strictly enforce the time limit for providing online games to minors , It is not allowed to provide online game account rental and sale trading services to minors in any form .

at present , Rent number play 、GG Rental number and other game rental number platforms require real name authentication information , Tencent's 《 Glory of Kings 》 It has been controlled that face recognition is required for each login . In practice , These can be cracked . The rental and sale of game accounts has become a scale , And form a complete industrial chain , Control is not easy .

flowers 25 Yuan can bypass the anti addiction system

8 month 30 Friday night , The State Press and Publication Administration issued a circular , It is required that all online game enterprises can only play on Friday 、 Saturday 、 Every day on Sundays and legal holidays 20 these 21 Provide... To minors when necessary 1 Hourly service . It means , Under normal circumstances , Minor players play the most games per week 3 Hours , This is also known as the most stringent game ban in history .

The day after the ban was issued , Many minors reported that , The whole platform cannot log in to the game account , Forced into the green health system . here , Rent number has become a secret weapon for some minors to break through the anti addiction system .

TechWeb Find out , In major e-commerce platforms and mobile app stores , Can find “ Game rental number ” Services and applications of .《 Glory of Kings 》《 Game for Peace 》《 Hero alliance 》《 Call of duty 》《 Protogod 》 And other popular games can find the corresponding rental number service , Players can choose account level according to their own needs , And for the wechat area and QQ District 、 Both apple and Android phones have exclusive accounts .

Usually rent an account for an hour , The price ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan , Completely acceptable to minors . Many store pages do not mention information about prohibiting minors from renting accounts .TechWeb In the process of chatting with the customer service of several stores , When the other party mentions the number, he needs his real name , The sale of minors is prohibited . But in practice , Minors can successfully register with their parents' real name information .

such as ,TechWeb Fill in the name on a rental number platform 、 Once the ID card information is, the order is placed successfully , There is no other verification information such as face recognition .24.5 Yuan can play 3 Hours 《 Glory of Kings 》, from 9 month 7 Japan 23 From o'clock to the next morning 2 spot , One click on the number , No need to log in , Cleverly avoid the anti addiction system .

TechWeb Observe several rental platforms and shops , It is found that the rental process is similar . For real name authentication, generally fill in the name 、 After the ID card information, you can pass , Customer service is also unable to confirm or actively verify whether the buyer is a minor . Specific login , Except for the number on one button , You can also use the marker to number , That is, add and decode the lock through the software of a register , You can easily log in to the game page .

Face recognition can also be cracked in minutes

According to player feedback , Some rented and bought accounts can log in to the game without any verification , Some are stuck in face verification . In terms of technical means , Face recognition may be the most effective way to improve the reliability of anti addiction system .

Tencent was the first game company to test water face recognition verification , Last year, this initiative was launched in 《 Glory of Kings 》《 Game for Peace 》 Medium pilot , Suspected minors need face recognition verification when logging in and paying . The latest data of Tencent game shows ,2021 year 7 On average, there are 825 Million accounts are in the login link 、4.9 Million accounts triggered face recognition verification in the payment link , Among them, those rejected or failed to pass the verification , The login link includes 92.4% Your account is included in the anti addiction regulation , Payment links include 85.3% Your account has been blocked from recharging .

For all that , Face recognition verification is not guaranteed . A customer service of a number renting merchant told TechWeb, Tencent has recently strictly controlled 《 Glory of Kings 》, Once you log in, you need to authenticate once . However, these tenants can solve them in time , Also promised to compensate for ten minutes of game time . Because Tencent requires the number of face verification every day , The customer service also suggested that after the number, try not to quit .

According to CCTV , In some forums , There are also people who specifically provide face verification services .QQ Account bound games “ Face verification ”1 Second need 80 element , It needs to be verified later 20 element . Many players have completed face verification through this service .

according to the understanding of , At present, the existing face recognition verification is only for minor accounts and accounts used by suspected minors , Face recognition for all accounts is not realistic , This may involve excessive collection of users' personal information , It will also greatly reduce the game experience of adults .

Tencent strengthened its control after face recognition verification , already “ Accidental injury ” To some adult users . Some netizens make complaints about social networking platforms ,“ Return a message and brush your face when you come back , Seven or eight times a day , I'm bored to death .”“ Parents, let the game go ! Would you mind spending more time with your children , The child is your own ”.

Multi department management game rental number

A week after the game ban , The game rental number has been named by CCTV 、 Tencent intercepts 、 Regulatory interviews . But for now , Relevant rental and sale businesses are still active on major trading platforms .

Shandong Zhongcheng Qingtai ( jinan ) Law abiding lawyer Cheng of the law firm believes that , Game companies generally do not support account transactions for rent and sale , There is no open market , There is a gray area for private transactions in such accounts , It needs to be rectified , But it is very difficult to rectify .

This transaction is limited by the way the game logs in , Many games don't need to brush face or fingerprint to log in , In this case , It's hard to confirm whether the game account matches me . If you log in through biometric authentication , There is the possibility of over collection and abuse of personal information .

and , The game rental industry has grown savagely for more than ten years , Already scale , And formed a complete industrial chain . Post it 、 Forums and other websites , Attract players to rent and sell game accounts 、 There are many advertisements to join the promotion and rent number platform and get points , Winter and summer vacation are the most active .

A merchant manager of the rental number playing platform told me TechWeb, Put your own or relatives' and friends' game accounts on the platform for rent , Users can share with the platform if they successfully place an order , It's usually two or eight , The number one Lord takes the big head , A day's income can be hundreds of dollars , Premium accounts can also be marked up .

Rent number play is a rental platform of blade mutual entertainment, a game service provider . According to published reports ,2018 year 3 The platform's orders exceeded 30 Ten thousand brush , Monthly revenue exceeds 2500 Ten thousand yuan .TalkingData data display , At present, the share of blade mutual entertainment in the account payment service market is as high as 75%, The proportion of paying users exceeds 70%.

at present , There are two main types of mainstream game rental platforms on the market , One is small and medium-sized studios and individual operators engaged in trading relying on e-commerce platform , The other is independent APP And the enterprise operation platform of the web page , Users can register and place orders directly on the platform , For example, rent a number to play and other platforms .

By contrast , Small and medium-sized studios and individuals on e-commerce platforms have lower operating costs . Popular stores sell thousands to tens of thousands of orders , The monthly revenue also ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan . It can be described as a profiteering business .

Insiders pointed out that , As long as the huge demand for minors to play games exists objectively , Similar rental transactions will not disappear . Only when the law enforcement cost is high enough, the benefits of this underground market can be eliminated . But apparently , This is a huge internal friction .

Juvenile addiction prevention depends only on Supervision , In the end, it is a temporary solution rather than a permanent cure , social 、 Enterprises 、 School 、 Parents need to act together . In everyday life , More company 、 Guide the child , Join them in recreational activities beneficial to physical and mental health , When the child has more options , Will take the initiative to come out of the virtual game world .