The second quarter revenue of waterdrop company was 939 million yuan, and waterdrop chips did not contribute any revenue

TechWeb 2021-09-15 04:51:04

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , recently , Waterdrop company released the unaudited performance report of the second quarter , data display , Waterdrop's main business achieved excellent growth in the second quarter , The first year premium generated by waterdrop insurance increased year-on-year 94.1%, reach 53.57 One hundred million yuan . As a social responsibility business segment of waterdrop company, waterdrop chips , Still not contributing any revenue , However, the number of fund-raising patients and the total amount of fund-raising increased significantly to 210 Ten thousand people and 428 One hundred million yuan .

According to the official introduction , Waterdrop chip has adhered to since its birth 0 Service charge , Don't charge users a penny , To be a personal help Internet service platform that patients with difficult and serious diseases can rely on . For five years , Waterdrop chip has gradually won the trust of the whole society , More and more seriously ill patients encounter financial difficulties , The first time through the water drop raised to the community for help .

meanwhile , In order to continuously enhance social trust , Waterdrop is also actively strengthening risk control measures , Through strict review of case initiation 、 Track problem cases in a timely manner 、 Effectively prevent and control malicious fund-raising events , Expect to win more and more public recognition .

before , stay 7 Mid month , For the first time, waterdrop announced the interest generated from the special fund-raising account opened in a third-party bank , And announced that 100 Ten thousand yuan was donated to the Red Cross Foundation of China “ Life relay fund ”, It is used to carry out public welfare projects related to human organ donation . The follow-up plan of waterdrop financing will gradually transfer the remaining interest and the interest generated later , Donate in batches to relevant public welfare organizations or for rescue and rehabilitation treatment of seriously ill patients .

Gao Huajun, executive director of the China Institute of public welfare at Beijing Normal University, said :“ Water drop financing is different from the government 、 charitable organization , It should be open to the wider public , Take more social responsibility . Judge the economic conditions of a family , It should be considered comprehensively , As long as the person asking for help truthfully publishes the relevant information , You should have the right to ask for help through the Internet . Help poor families get out of trouble as soon as possible , It should be the direction of the platform .”