Qixinbao Enterprise Edition is newly upgraded and launched SaaS cloud platform for digital merchants

TechWeb 2021-09-15 04:51:02

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , In recent days, , Qixinbao, a product of Hehe information ( Enterprise Edition ) Brand upgrade , Position it as Digital merchants SaaS Cloud platform , Launch three vertical scenes SaaS service , Cover “ Toker - To tune out - Risk control - management ” Life cycle management process .

According to the official introduction , Digital merchants SaaS Cloud platform , It is based on hehe information business big data platform , Combined with artificial intelligence technology , Integrate multiple business segments , Create a standardized SaaS Cloud platform . at present , The platform contains three product matrices , That is, Qixin Jindun ( One stop risk control marketing of financial institutions SaaS System )、 Enterprise trust and insight ( Customer / Distributor / Supplier marketing risk control SaaS System )、 Qixin Qingniao ( Big data intelligent marketing Tuoke SaaS System ).

For the pain points of customers in different industries , Three upgraded models SaaS product , It can realize business investigation for enterprise customers 、 Risk control management 、 Marketing, customer extension and other multi scene digital management , Fast and agile 、 Lightweight 、 One stop shop to help enterprises digitize 、 Develop business intelligently , Manage risk .

In order to solve the problem of insufficient digital ability in the financial field , Hehe information will integrate emerging technologies, including big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Core algorithms and knowledge map technology in the financial field , Fully integrated into the bank 、 finance lease 、 Commercial factoring and other financial business scenarios , Introduction SaaS Mode lightweight system — Qixin Jindun . Qixin Jindun from “ Marketing extension 、 responsible investigation 、 Risk monitoring 、 Customer management and automated reporting center ” Start with five modules , It saves the investment cost of financial institutions .

The relevant person in charge of Hehe information said , Digital merchants SaaS The cloud platform is the best solution for the whole life cycle management of digital merchants in the past 2.0 Upgraded version , The upgraded product can go deep into various scenarios of the vertical industry , Put the data 、 technology 、 Deep fusion of scenes , Jump out of the traditional purchase system , Enterprises only need to buy an account to use it in the background , Better experience .