CCTV: more than half of students can unlock the game anti addiction system

TechWeb 2021-09-15 04:47:28

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news ,8 month 30 Number , Issued by the State Press and Publication Administration 《 About further strict management   Notice to effectively prevent minors from indulging in online games 》, It is required that all online game enterprises can only play on Friday 、 Saturday 、 Every day on Sundays and legal holidays 20 these 21 Provide... To minors when necessary 1 Hourly service .

The day after the ban was issued , Many minors reported that , The whole platform cannot log in to the game account . here , Rent number has become a secret weapon for some minors to break through the anti addiction system .

According to , In the process of selling rental game accounts in some stores, the age information of the buyer will not be verified , Knowing that the buyer is a minor will not dissuade , Even the “ No defense addiction ” As one of the selling points of the account , More than half of the students can unlock the anti addiction system .

9 month 6 Japan , Tencent game officer micro shouted , Account renting and selling seriously destroys the real name system of the game and the protection mechanism of minors , Up to now , Tencent has sent more than 20 Multiple account trading platforms and multiple e-commerce platforms sue or send letters , Request to stop relevant services . meanwhile , Tencent games also called for the introduction of corresponding laws and regulations as soon as possible , Strictly control account renting and selling .

9 month 8 Japan , Publicity department of the CPC central committee 、 The relevant person in charge of the State Press and Publication Administration will work with the central network information office 、 Departments such as the Ministry of culture and Tourism , To Tencent 、 Netease and other key online game enterprises and game account rental and sales platforms 、 Interview on the live game platform .

Interview highlights , All online game enterprises and platforms shall strictly implement the requirements of the notice , Strictly enforce the time limit for providing online games to minors , It is not allowed to provide online game account rental and sale trading services to minors in any form .