"The county leader was very angry when he learned about it."

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7 month 22 Friday night , Wei River dike burst at Peng village, Xinzhen Town, Jun County, Hebi City, Henan Province ,
To plug the breach ,5 A truck driver of Hongyan transportation company threw his car into the river ;
7 month 26 Japan , Crevasse closure ;
7 month 31 Japan , Hebi Red Cross Society held a donation ceremony for flood control and disaster relief ,
Beijing huapinborui Network Technology Co., Ltd. donated on site 500 Ten thousand yuan ,
According to the donation intention of the enterprise , Every car owner will get 50 ten thousand .

This donation is a timely help to the driver ,
But getting the money didn't go well ,
The hero once “ Bleeding and tears ”,
What's the reason ?


The company haggles over everything

5 All the trucks were bought on installment loans , Only... Have been used for the longest time 9 Months ,
This is them “ having dinner ” The guy who ,
The driver not only gave up his personal property ,
In order to love the car “ sacrifice ” More valuable ,
And risking your life , At a distance of one meter from the crevasse, the limit jump ,
But I didn't expect my duty to turn back ,
What you get is inexplicable deduction .

insurance , To deduct what has been used ,
The driver Li Wenfeng was insured 3.2 ten thousand , It was used 9 Months , To deduct 2 More than money .
Automatic canopy 、 Camera and other accessories , No compensation without invoice ,
And most of the accessories are in the village 、 In a small shop in town , No invoice .
The compensation is directly used to repay the loan ,
The only driver who got it was 10 More than ten thousand , It has to be used to repair the house .

So penny wise , Lack of love and righteousness ,
Jun County appropriated the full amount of the donation to the corporate account of love vehicle registration company ,
With the total amount unchanged ,
Less for drivers ,
Naturally, there will be more left to the company itself .
This undoubtedly makes the driver feel cold ,
When you encounter dangerous situations again ,
Will they still be so brave and selfless ?
It also shakes the confidence of donation ,
The money donated did not help the hero solve the problem effectively ,
Instead, someone cut his beard !


The government is late

“ The county leader said it would not make us bleed and cry , The government will compensate according to the price . I feel at ease , I believe in the government .”
It can be seen from the words of driver Li Yongxiang ,
The firm decision to invest in the car is inseparable from trust in the government ,
When the flood is over , Where has the government gone ?

The driver and the company failed to agree on a compensation plan ,
To find the government ,
The driver submitted the joint materials to the petition Office ,
9 month 3 Japan , Letters and visits office 、 company 、 The driver had a meeting , Still no results ,
The matter has aroused public concern ,
Li Yongxiang recalled ,9 month 6 Friday night , The driver and the head of the transportation company were called to the township government for a meeting ,
“ The county leaders knew about it , Very angry , Ask why you withhold money from others , Why let the hero bleed and cry ?”
9 month 7 Japan ,5 The driver signed the gift confirmation form , The confirmation sheet shows ,50 Million has been received in full .

Speed 、 Good effect ,
It also reflects that it is not difficult to implement this matter .
The government doesn't just call the company and it's done ,
Not only should I come early , And should not disappear ,
Actively follow up ,
Just talk , What is the credibility ?


Compensation is not clear

The driver's truck is protected by law .

Property Law , Because of emergency 、 Emergency needs such as disaster relief , Units that can be requisitioned according to the authority and procedures prescribed by law 、 Personal real or personal property .
Be requisitioned or damaged after requisition 、 Lost , Compensation should be given .

The flood control law also stipulates , Materials transferred 、 equipment 、 Means of transportation, etc , It shall be returned in time after the flood season ;
Causing damage or irreparable , Appropriate compensation or other treatment shall be given in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council .

It's not the first time that trucks have blocked the breach ,
2016 year 7 month 10 Japan , A breach occurred at Xinhua embankment in Huarong County, Hunan Province ,
The truck driver threw his car into the flood ,
7 month 21 Japan , The county held “ Truck warrior ” Reward Symposium ,
16 Total compensation for vehicles 、 Delay fees and rewards 261.77 Ten thousand yuan .
The compensation is divided into three parts :
One 、 The truck blocking the breach , from 1.59 000 yuan to 35.75 Ten thousand yuan ;
Two 、 The driver's delay allowance , The driver shall be subsidized every day according to the approved tonnage 400 Yuan to 1000 element ;
3、 ... and 、 Behavior bonus ,16 Each driver won a prize 1 Ten thousand yuan .

In the Junxian incident ,
The subsidy mainly comes from enterprise donations ,
Corporate donations , What does it have to do with the compensation stipulated by law ?
How donations work and flow ?
Are there any details of where the donation will go ?
“ Pay according to the price ” The main body of is the insurance company 、 Transportation company , Or the government ?
In addition to donations , Is there any other compensation ?
The question of money , There can be no deviation at all ,
You have to list it clearly .


The flood is over , Life goes on .
Drivers have to rely on transportation companies to support their families ,
For the company ,
There are such employees , It's a kind of wealth ,
Cherish 、 care .
Make good things perfect ,
It can not only help the driver , Can also establish a good image ,
It's hard for money to buy .

What needs to be rebuilt after the disaster , Not just houses 、 road ,
More confidence and hope ,
What treatment has been given to heroic acts of kindness ,
Testing the ability and conscience of the local government ,
Never let a hero shed blood and tears !

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