Disputes escalate! Amazon shelled musk and SpaceX for flouting government laws and regulatory rules

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:27:51

Beijing time. 9 month 19 Morning news , As report goes , Wednesday local time , Amazon reported to US government regulators that ,SpaceX Chief executive musk believes that government regulatory rules have no effect on him . In the field of Satellite Internet , Amazon and musk SpaceX The company has become a competitor and set off a war of words .

Amazon submitted a highly worded report to the Federal Communications Commission . Amazon accused musk of ignoring many federal regulatory policies , It also includes Federal Aviation Administration Regulations .

In the report , Amazon criticized that ,SpaceX Blatant contempt for U.S. law and regulatory rules , This is an obvious violation of fair competition in the market .

Amazon said in the document , Musk is in charge of SpaceX There are many violations with other companies , Whether it's launching satellites using unauthorized antennas 、 Launch rockets without regulatory approval , Or build an unapproved rocket launch pad , And unauthorized restoration of Tesla factory production in violation of the new crown epidemic home order , Musk's behavior sent a message , That is, regulatory provisions are made for others , Companies that follow the rules or require other companies to comply , Must be ridiculed and attacked .

Amazon quipped , If the FCC's mandate includes monitoring hypocrisy , that SpaceX What the company does will keep the organization busy .

For Amazon's regulatory report ,SpaceX And Tesla have not yet commented , The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration declined to comment .

As the two companies expand new business , Amazon and SpaceX Become a competitor in the field of satellite broadband . Amazon launched Kuiper plan , Plan to invest in 100 Billion dollars , Deploy... In space 3000 Multiple communication satellites , Provide broadband access services to people on earth . This project faces SpaceX The fierce competition of the company's star chain project ( Star chain has provided monthly Internet services to some North American consumers ).

In addition to satellite broadband , Amazon founders Bezos and musk are also rivals in the private space and rocket launch market . Bezos's private blue origin company is engaged in and SpaceX Similar business , before , NASA put the value 29 A billion dollar launch contract gave SpaceX, This decision has been challenged by the origin of blue .

As report goes ,8 month 25 Japan , Amazon asked the Federal Communications Commission to veto SpaceX Submitted satellite deployment modification plan . Amazon says , The other party's plan is not in line with the policy of the communication committee , And the plan is seriously lacking in detail .

SpaceX Not waiting to die , Just last week , The company also submitted its own regulatory report to the Communications Commission , Accusing Amazon of deliberately delaying the company's business plan .SpaceX Express , Amazon has been doing everything possible to block its opponents' plans , What we have done recently is just the latest move we have taken .

SpaceX Add , so far , The company has deployed in space for broadband services 1700 Number of satellites , But to this day , Amazon hasn't solved the frequency interference yet 、 Basic problems such as space orbital debris , These are the first problems to be solved before deploying broadband satellite networks .

SpaceX Express , Amazon lags behind its competitors in Satellite Broadband , Therefore, regulatory and legal means are now being used , Create more obstacles for opponents , Hinder your opponent's plan , To prevent Amazon from being left far behind .