Google reached a settlement with engineers fired for calling on employees to protest

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:26:55

Beijing time. 9 month 9 Morning news , As report goes , Google has worked with fired Software Engineer Lawrence · Bran (Laurence Berland) A settlement , Settlement agreement dated 7 In June, it was approved by the National Labor Relations Commission of the United States ( National Labor Relations Board, NLRB) approval .

Bolan was fired by Google for calling on employees to protect their rights . last year NLRB Sue Google , It believes that Google prevents employees from participating in legally protected activities through dismissal . At that time, Google said in a statement that it respected employees' office space rights , The reason for the punishment is that employees abuse the privilege of accessing the internal system , Such as security tools and colleague calendars .

At last week's hearing , Bolan explained that he got his colleagues' calendar information to confirm the role of an anti union consulting firm in reviewing internal criticism . Bolan also said he had been questioned by Google before being fired :“ I told them that I visited the calendar because I was worried that our rights and interests would be violated .”

2019 At the end of the year , Bolan and some other employees were fired .