NVIDIA applied for EU approval to acquire arm, and the transaction results were released in October

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:26:47

Beijing time. 9 month 9 Morning news , Documents from the European Commission show , NVIDIA applied to the EU on Wednesday , I hope the other party will approve ARM The acquisition .ARM It's the British chip company , NVIDIA offers 540 US $100 million acquisition , Just wait for regulatory approval . For this acquisition , Last month, British regulators expressed concern , The EU may have a similar idea .

The European Commission will 10 month 13 The date is set as the deadline for approval . NVIDIA's application for approval of the transaction will start for 25 Preliminary assessment of days , If NVIDIA refuses to give in , It may cause 90 Days of investigation .

ARM Can you remain neutral after being acquired by NVIDIA ? It's a question worth thinking about .ARM Customer Broadcom 、 mediatek 、Marvell Support the acquisition of , qualcomm 、 samsung 、 Apple is worried . NVIDIA said in a statement that :“ We are trying to complete the regulatory process , We hope to work closely with the European Commission to address possible concerns . The deal is right ARM、 Right authorization 、 Good for competition and Industry .”

NVIDIA has previously promised to all parties ARM Will become a neutral technology provider .

After completing the preliminary assessment , The European Commission can approve the transaction ; If you think the problem is serious, you will start an investigation . UK regulators have warned that , Trading can hurt competition 、 Hurt competitors , Therefore, an extension of the investigation is requested .( Xinghai )