CCTV survey found that more than half of students can unlock the game anti addiction system: some stores also sell numbers

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:26:46

The Internet has become a tool for students to obtain information 、 An important way to understand the world and leisure and entertainment , At the same time, the problem of minors' addiction to the Internet has become increasingly prominent , Especially hand games .

To prevent minors from indulging in , Major online game platforms have successively launched a number of strict restrictive measures :“ Restricted play ” and “ Limited charge ”. At the same time, face recognition technology is applied to 《 Glory of Kings 》《 Game for Peace 》 Nearly equal 100 In this game , Screen suspected minor users .

But can the anti addiction system really control children ?

9 month 9 Daily news , CCTV reporters found that , More than half of the students can unlock the game anti addiction system , And you can buy an account on the network platform .

According to reporters , Some stores do not verify the buyer's age in the process of selling rental game accounts , Knowing that the buyer is a minor will not dissuade , Even the “ No defense addiction ” As a selling point .

Many students said , Students often discuss with each other to find loopholes in the anti addiction system , from 2007 The anti addiction system has been on-line until now , In the face of constantly improving systems, they can always find solutions .