From 3999 yuan! Tencent Red Devils 6S Pro goes on sale at 10:00 today: the strongest snapdragon 888 plus flagship of the year

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:26:42

【TechWeb】9 month 6 Japan , A new generation of game phone red devils 6S Pro Release , This machine is equipped with 165Hz Super competition screen , Carrying Xiao dragon 888 Plus Flagship processor , It has attracted the attention of many E-sports lovers . Now there's the latest news , Recently, the Red Devils officially released a notice , The plane will be launched this morning 10 It's on sale , Starting price 3999 element (8GB+128GB).

aesthetic , New red devils 6S Pro It's one piece 6.8 Inch 165Hz Super competition screen , Upgrade the multi touch sampling rate to 720Hz, Silky control is easy to handle . First equipped with display black Technology Magic GPU 1.0, Tested by the red devil Laboratory , Improved frame rate stability 60%, And equipped with the seventh generation of off screen fingerprints , Faster recognition response , And support heart rate detection . Besides , The machine is provided with shining Shadow Black 、 Xingyaobai 、 Deuterium front transparent version is available in three new colors .

configuration , The machine adopts 6.8 Inch 165Hz Super competition screen , Equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 888 Plus Flagship processor , Equipped with newly upgraded ICE 7.0 Nine layer multidimensional three-dimensional heat dissipation system , Built in new colorful RGB Fluorescent cooling fan , Fan speed up to 20000 turn / branch , At the same time, the space grade phase change heat dissipation material n-octadecane is used (C21H44), It can stably control the temperature rise , Farewell to frequency reduction Caton . Besides , The battery capacity of the machine is 4500mAh, Support 120W Quick charge ,17 Minutes to fill 100%.

It is reported that , New red devils 6S Pro Game phones have opened reservations on major e-commerce platforms , And will be released this morning 10 Click on the official website of Nubia 、 JD.COM 、 Tiktok official flagship store 、 The big red mobile games, mobile phone Kwai stores and other major platforms are on sale. , among 8GB+128GB Version for 3999 element ,12GB+128GB Version for 4399 element ,12GB+256GB Version for 4799 element , Interested friends can pay attention to .