Tesla will create a team focusing on energy trading and market operation

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:26:29

9 month 9 Japan news : Tesla is creating a team focused on energy trading and market operation , Recently, the company has announced the recruitment of a senior energy trading Analyst .

2020 year , Tesla is an independent power producer 、 Utility companies and capital partners have developed software , To help manage and profit from clean energy stored in battery storage systems .Autobidder It is Tesla's latest product in the energy sector . Now Tesla is looking for further development in this direction , And has begun to recruit professionals .

Julian · Lamy is an executive of Tesla in charge of energy trading and market operation , She passed Linkedin announce , The company is creating a new team focusing on energy trading and market operation . He described that the team would manage the business of Tesla's global battery fleet and all its renewable projects . Besides , They will accumulate expertise in the energy wholesale market , And support Tesla automated energy trading platform Autobidder Development of .

The job description says :

“ We are looking for a senior energy trading Analyst , To drive the continuous performance improvement of the world's largest battery storage project . This includes Tesla's utility scale battery fleet ( Transmission level ) Virtual power plant ( Residential battery ). Use Tesla's internal automated trading platform Autobidder, You will be responsible for bidding electricity to multiple wholesale energy markets , Ensure that assets meet contractual obligations , And abide by market rules . Execute trading strategy , Monitor the automated trading system , Balance the risks and expected returns of different trading strategies , Make real-time trading decisions in key market opportunities , Analyze asset performance and market conditions , Develop tools to support analysis , As part of the team's R & D process , Develop and prototype new algorithm ideas and Strategies , Communicate complex situations to a wide audience , And demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders .”