U.S. Department of energy: solar power generation is expected to supply 40% of the electricity in the United States in 2035

TechWeb 2021-09-15 02:24:52

Wednesday local time (9 month 8 Japan ), The U. S. Department of energy has released a research report on solar power generation , The potential of solar power generation in the decarbonization process of American power grid is described in detail . According to the report , To 2035 Solar power generation is expected to provide electricity to the United States in 40% Of electricity , To 2050 This figure will rise to 45%.

Secretary of energy Jennifer M. Granholm Issued a statement saying , As the cheapest 、 The fastest growing clean energy , Solar energy can produce enough electricity , To 2035 Power all homes in the United States , Simultaneous creation 150 10,000 jobs .

Granholm Pointed out that , To achieve this goal , The need for large-scale and equitable deployment of renewable energy , Strong decarbonization policies are also needed , This is what the infrastructure investment and Employment Act proposes , It is also in line with US President Biden “ Rebuild a better America ”(Build Back Better) The purpose of .

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the U.S. Department of energy wrote this paper called 《 Solar future research 》 The report of , The Biden administration had previously proposed 2035 In, the power sector will achieve the goal of net zero emission .

2020 year , Solar power generation in the United States accounts for... Of the national power supply 3%. The report states that , From now until 2025 year , The United States must increase... On average every year 3000 Million kilowatts of solar power ; from 2025 Year to 2030 year , Must be increased every year 6000 Million kilowatts of solar power generation capacity ; To 2035 year , Solar power will supply... To the United States 1000 Gigawatts of electricity , And then 2050 year , Solar energy can provide 1600 Gigawatts of electricity , This is more electricity than all residential and commercial buildings in the United States currently consume .

The research model shows that , Except for solar energy 40% Electric power , The rest of the carbon free grid is mainly composed of wind energy (36%)、 nuclear energy (11%-13%)、 Hydroelectric power (5%-6%) And Bioenergy / geothermal (1%) Provide .

The report emphasizes , By reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality , A grid based entirely on renewable energy will save 1.1 Trillions to 1.7 The cost of trillions of dollars , This goes far beyond the additional costs of the transition to clean energy . therefore , At that time, the electricity price faced by consumers will not rise .

The Senate 8 The infrastructure investment act was passed in June , There will be 650 $billion to improve power generation facilities , But several important policies were excluded , Such as extending tax credits . however , Passed by the house of Representatives 3.5 Trillions of dollars in budget spending may still include these initiatives .