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Image editor is an application that many people like and need , From professional designers 、 Student , Or those who have some hobbies . Especially in this digital age , More and more people need image editors for various reasons . This article will introduce some you can find in Fedora Linux Open source image editor used on . You may need to install the mentioned software . If you are not familiar with how to Fedora Linux Add package to , Please refer to my previous article  . Here are some applications for daily needs of the image editor class .


GIMP(GNU Image processing program GNU Image Manipulation Program) It's a raster image ( Bitmap ) Editor , Used to decorate photos 、 Image synthesis and image creation . Its function is almost the same as Adobe Photoshop identical . You can use it. GIMP Do a lot you can use Photoshop Do the things . Because of that ,GIMP As Adobe Photoshop Open source alternatives to , Has become the most popular application .

GIMP There are many image processing functions , Especially for raster images . You can use it. GIMP Fix or change the color of the photo . You can select a part of the image , Cut it , Then merge with other parts of the image .GIMP There are many other effects you can apply to your images , Including fuzzy 、 shadow 、 Noise, etc . Many people use it GIMP To repair damaged photos , Improve image quality , Crop unwanted parts of the image , Make posters and various graphic design works , wait . Besides , You can also GIMP Add plug-ins and scripts , Make it more comprehensive .

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Inkscape Is a popular open source application , Used to create and edit vector diagrams . It is a feature rich vector graphics editor , This allows it to work with other similar proprietary applications ( Such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw) Compete with each other . Because of that , Many professional illustrators use it to create vector based works of art .

You can use it. Inkscape Make artistic and technical illustrations , Such as signs 、 Chart 、 Icon 、 Desktop wallpaper 、 flow chart 、 Comics, etc . Besides ,Inkscape Can handle a variety of graphics file formats . Besides , You can also add add ons , Make your job easier .

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Krita At first glance GIMP or Inkscape. But actually , It's a completely different application , Although it has some similar functions .Krita Is an application for creating digital paintings like artists . You can use it. Krita To make conceptual art 、 illustrations 、 comic 、 Texture and matte painting .

Krita Yes 100 Multiple pre installed professional brushes . It also has a brush stabilizer , Yes 3 There are different ways to smooth and stabilize your brush strokes . Besides , You can use it. 9 More than one unique brush engine to customize your brush .Krita It is a suitable application for those who like digital painting .

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darktable Perfect for photographers or those who want to improve the quality of their photos .darktable More focus on image editing , Especially for RAW Non destructive post production of images . therefore , It provides professional color management , Support automatic detection of display profiles . Besides , You can still use it darktable Filter and sort multiple images . So you can use the label 、 The rating 、 Color tags, etc. to search your collection . It can import various image formats , Such as JPEG、CR2、NEF、HDR、PFM、RAF etc. .

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This article introduces four image editors , You can Fedora Linux Use them to meet your daily needs . Each application represents a subcategory of the image editor application . actually , There are many other image editors available in Fedora Linux Upper use . You can also use RawTherapee or Photivo As dartkable succedaneum . Besides , also Pinta As GIMP substitute , as well as MyPaint As Krita substitute . I hope this article can help you choose the right image editor . If you have experience using these applications , Please share your experience in the comments .


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