How to operate the official account in the recycling industry

dongxiaofeng 2021-09-14 20:47:11

    Your old refrigerator 、 How does the TV deal with ? Sell it to the vendor or throw it away ? Now send a mobile wechat at home , You can sit and wait for professionals to recycle e-waste , And get red envelopes . Waste electrical appliances will be formally disposed of , The recycling price will also be higher than the average market price .

    Waste household appliances have the dual attributes of resource and pollution . With the rapid development of China's electronic industry , And the continuous improvement of people's consumption level , The ownership and renewal rate of electronic products continue to rise , Waste household appliances have become one of the fastest growing wastes . Everyone should know that wechat has a huge user base , By connecting users and regular recycling manufacturers , Build a mobile recycling application platform , Process industry related data , Establish a dynamic recycling logistics system , Create a green recycling model for waste household appliances . So as to integrate informal recycling channels , Gradually establish a new order in the recycling market of waste household appliances . As long as the size of the waste household appliances is left on the WeChat official account , The background will automatically inform the recycling price . It is very convenient and fast , So how do we operate the official account? ?

    Content orientation : The positioning of content should be combined with the characteristics of enterprises , At the same time, from the perspective of users , Instead of just pushing the enterprise's own content , Remember that wechat does not serve enterprises , It's for the user , Only get what users want from your wechat , They will be more loyal to you , Make friends with you , The next sales will be taken for granted . Remember , Users come for your content , I also recommend it because I think the content is valuable , So the content is very important .

    Online to offline interaction . Nowadays, few people mention the offline interaction of wechat , But in terms of the effect of communication , Meeting obviously works well , It's also easier to get closer to your feelings . The significance of the combination of online and offline activities is that face-to-face communication is easier to train loyal fans , Produce more fresh 、 More earth gas content , Such a WeChat official account will be more authentic. , More affinity . in addition , WeChat official account for waste recovery is limited by natural growth. , Offline activities are also an important means to increase wechat users . So it is very necessary to choose official account. , But when we choose the official account number, we must find a professional operation company. , Jutui media is a diversified network information technology company , Full range network marketing service provider , The company is based on technology application , In line with “ The good faith 、 responsibility 、 It can be 、 innovation ” Service tenet of . Jutui media relies on excellent talents and rich enterprise service experience 、 Strong sales network and market operation strength , Shaping the network image of new enterprises and institutions in the Internet Era ; Building a strong brand in the Internet Era .
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